Steven Holl’s Competition-Winning Museum Design Inspired by Historic 9th Century Fortress

Courtesy of Steven Holl

Steven Holl Architects international competition-winning design for the Angers Collectors Museum and nearby hotel in the historic city of Angers, France is an example of architectural history influencing and being paid homage in modern architectural projects. Their design — via collaboration with developers Compagine de Phalsbourg — takes inspiration from the nearby 9th century Chateau d’Angers fortress, and aims to create the city’s new cultural gateway. The museum’s exposed titanium and concrete connects to the linear hotel with a weaving clear adn translucent glass facade — inspired by the 14th century Apocalypse Tapestry on display at the Chateau d’Angers. But the historic connections don’t stop there; there will also exist a sereis of reflecting pools that will reference the river that used to consume that same site. Continue reading “Steven Holl’s Competition-Winning Museum Design Inspired by Historic 9th Century Fortress”

The Paris Courthouse, with Green Roof Landscapes, by the Renzo Piano Building Workshop

© Sergio Grazia

The new, slim, transparent Tribunal de Paris, located in the north-central part of the Paris located in the country of France (rather than the Paris in the state of Texas in the United States)  will round-up the varied facilities currently dispersed around the capital like Voltron to become Europe’s largest law courts complex. The 525-foot-high by 115-foot-wide tower building is composed of four stacked superimposed volumes of decreasing size — similar to that of a staircase — that are carefully planned and designed for the best and efficient ease of use. The tiered level system (with each tier containing about ten stories) also allows large roof terraces that will be landscaped and planted with some 500 trees. This would soften the building’s sharp glass motif to create more comfortable spaces for solitary and group activities.

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The Charlie Chaplin School Complex in La Courneuve, France gets an Extension

© Charly Broyez

The 2015 extension/addition project at France’s Charlie Chaplin School Complex (of course, named after the legendary classic film actor) involved not only getting a new cafeteria and rec center (while converting the old cafeteria into 4 classrooms), but also a new covered walkway and a courtyard renovation. The design firm SAM architecture, with Boris Schneider and Aurélien Clovis acting as the architects-in-charge, took a rational approach by using basic geometric forms that follow the existing site (in relation to the street, party wall and neighboring building facades) in visually “completing” the complex’s architectural design. Continue reading “The Charlie Chaplin School Complex in La Courneuve, France gets an Extension”

XTU Architects’ “In Vivo” Green Project was a Winner of the Réinventer.Paris Competition


XTU Architects,  BPD Marignan, SNI Group and MU Architecture won the Réinventer.Paris competition for Paris Rive Gauche site M5A2. The winning project, called In Vivo, seeks to promote “social mix and openness between citizens and [integrate] nature into cities, to achieve a fairer, more sustainable, and resilient city.” This is being done by erecting four buildings; three for humans, and one for raising earthworms for the purpose of vermicomposting the inhabitants’ organic waste. Continue reading “XTU Architects’ “In Vivo” Green Project was a Winner of the Réinventer.Paris Competition”

Herzog & de Meuron’s “Triangle Tower” Receives Approval from Paris

© Herzog & de Meuron

The City of Paris has approved to move forward with the construction of its first tower in over 40 years. The city council recently agreed to allow the construction of Herzog & de Meuron’s 180-meter-tall “Triangle Tower” — also known as the “Tour Triangle” — after originally rejecting the proposal in 2014. The controversial plans for the skyscraper have been the center of an intense debate since its first unveiling in 2008 on the basis of whether or not Paris should preserve its 19-century-era skyline.  Continue reading “Herzog & de Meuron’s “Triangle Tower” Receives Approval from Paris”

Hypercubus Camera Gun goes Beyond Hardcore – WIRed #48

The stories revealed in this week’s WIRed includes: the portable Hypecubus pre-paid apartment, the rifle-shaped world’s first movie camera, the low down on “Beyond: Two Souls,” and WWE celebrates the Hardcore Championship. Also, a personal reveal of my copy of the Xbox One and two shows that share something in common…

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Get Your Own Forest Lookout Tower Headquarters!

When you’re an architecture firm trying to prepare a winning competition entry for the Archi<20 competition festival of architecture held in the Alsace region of France, CLP Architects was attempting to come up with a design that could follow the proper criteria. The rules were that the building needed to be: functional, eco-friendly, sit on a 20-square-meter pavilion (while reflecting local, natural environment), and not exceed the budget of €7,000. Sounds a little daunting, huh? Well, CLP overcame the competition restraints and devised the L’Observatoire.  This tower-like structure provides people a whole, new way to interact with the surrounding forest, offers various lookout points and places to rest, kick back, relax on each floor. It appears that the firm’s resulting structure is a prime example of beautiful form and efficient function.   Continue reading “Get Your Own Forest Lookout Tower Headquarters!”

Leaning Colosseums, “Wall-E” Builds, Shocking Gaming & WWF Cartoonage – WIRed #7

This week’s episode of The PractitioNERD (the 2nd version) discusses a leaning architectural work that NOT a tower in Pisa (the Roman Colosseum), robots printing 3D structures out of soil and sand (the Stone Spray project), electroshock “therapy” via a Sega Genesis/Mega Drive (Furrtek’s “Gene-Zap” project), and Hulk Hogan cartoon from the eighties (Hulk Hogan’s Rock ‘N’ Wrestling). …also, THE QUESTION OF THE WEEK!! ARCHITECTURE … Continue reading Leaning Colosseums, “Wall-E” Builds, Shocking Gaming & WWF Cartoonage – WIRed #7

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