‘Sociedad de Mar’ Project Seeks to Change the Tourism Model

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This project by Adamo-Faiden Architects in Jose Ignacio, Uruguay is called Sociedad de Mar, located in the middle of a coastal forest roughly 1km from the Atlantic Ocean. The project’s purpose is to install an alternative model of tourism from the immediate periphery of one of the most exclusive seaside resorts.  Another goal of the project is to use a combination of materials, spatial, and organizational variables to outline a new method of the built environment cohabiting with the natural environment.  Continue reading “‘Sociedad de Mar’ Project Seeks to Change the Tourism Model”

SuperForests Networks LEGO Witnessing Punk Grammar – WIRed #74


Welcome to WIRed #74, where superstructures elevate a forest over ground, a hacked LEGO train is used to network and transfer information and data, the use of architecture in the upcoming video game ‘The Witness’, and CM Punk uses grammar to give online trolls the good ol’ G-T-S!!

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+Node, The Midpoint of Animal & Human Life

When a fence or property line to separate nature and developments, why not just stick an entire building to do the job for you? Well one, it’s not that practical as a common solution, but Keiuske Maeda of UID Architects presented this house located in Hiroshima that practically does that.  On the south side of the site, there’s nothing but forest, plants and animals, while a developed residential area comprises the north side of the house’s site.

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Get Your Own Forest Lookout Tower Headquarters!

When you’re an architecture firm trying to prepare a winning competition entry for the Archi<20 competition festival of architecture held in the Alsace region of France, CLP Architects was attempting to come up with a design that could follow the proper criteria. The rules were that the building needed to be: functional, eco-friendly, sit on a 20-square-meter pavilion (while reflecting local, natural environment), and not exceed the budget of €7,000. Sounds a little daunting, huh? Well, CLP overcame the competition restraints and devised the L’Observatoire.  This tower-like structure provides people a whole, new way to interact with the surrounding forest, offers various lookout points and places to rest, kick back, relax on each floor. It appears that the firm’s resulting structure is a prime example of beautiful form and efficient function.   Continue reading “Get Your Own Forest Lookout Tower Headquarters!”

A Forest Building in the Middle of a City is Strange/Awesome

Whenever your living environment has poor air quality, it’s obviously no good for the well being of anyone.  Milan, Italy is guilty for having terrible air quality; it ranks as one of the worst in the whole country. To help take action regarding this issue, architect and developer Stefano Boeli has proposed an idea to address those concerns: repurposing two old residential towers into vertical forests.

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