Who do YOU have winning the First Women’s Royal Rumble?

I know, I know; there was an architecture story this past Monday, meaning there’s a Video Game story later in the week. So, why is there a Pro Wrestling story in the middle, you ask? Well, the usual Pro Wrestling story next week will still happen, but that’s AFTER this year’s Royal Rumble, which I want to talk about BEFORE the event. According to SportsBettingDime, the current favorite to win Men’s Royal Rumble is Shinsuke Nakamura (+250), and I want this too, especially after their classic Wrestle Kingdom match a few years ago and the tease during last year’s Smackdown Money in the Bank Match. But every year there’s a pool asking who’s winning the Men’s Rumble match, so the most intriguing question this year is who’s going to win the FIRST, WOMEN’S Royal Rumble match?

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Charlotte Flair Becomes 1st Woman in WWE History to Main Event on PPV, Raw AND SmackDown!

Yesterday, WWE announced that Charlotte Flair, daughter of  WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair, made history by becoming the first female Superstar in the company’s history to main event a pay-per-view, Raw and SmackDown in singles matches.  Flair completed this trifecta this past Tuesday night on SmackDown Live when she competed with SmackDown Women’s champion Naomi to a no contest in the main event, after multiple main event matches against Sasha Banks on Raw, as well as at the 2016 edition of Hell in a Cell. Continue reading “Charlotte Flair Becomes 1st Woman in WWE History to Main Event on PPV, Raw AND SmackDown!”

Norma Merrick Sklarek – Great African-American Architects

Norma Merrick Sklarek  (April 15, 1928 – February 6, 2012) was the first African-American woman to be licensed as an architect in the United States — the first to be licensed in the state of New York in 1954 and in the state of California in 1962 —  as well as the first woman to be elected Fellow of the American Institute of Architects.  Shlarek accomplished many firsts for black women in architecture, including establishing the first architectural firm to be formed and managed by an African-American woman in 1985, Siegel, Sklarek, Diamond, which was the largest woman-owned and mostly woman-staffed architectural firm in the United States.   Continue reading “Norma Merrick Sklarek – Great African-American Architects”

The Dark Knight’s 1000th Raw Street Fight of Spintronics – WIRed #4

Episode 4 (yeah, FOUR) of this week’s edition of The PractitioNERD discusses:
1) Explore Gotham City’s Architectural Grandeur in 3D (http://goo.gl/IMTya)
2) Fan Film “Street Fighter: Legacy” to become Live-Action Series (http://goo.gl/ILfLI)
***FAN FILMS: Metal Gear Solid: Philanthropy (mgs-philanthropy.net/main/?lang=en), Mega Man (megamanfilm.com), and one-of-the-many Portal fan films (youtube.com/watch?v=4drucg1A6Xk)***
3) University of Utah Researchers Create ‘Spintronic’ LED: Brighter, Cheaper & Eco-friendly (http://goo.gl/buI7S)
4) The 1st Episode of WWE Monday Night RAW, Episode 1000 on 7/23/2012 (http://goo.gl/lRYbS)
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“The PractitioNERD WIRed: Week-In-ReviewED” Teaser Trailer, Show Debuts June 29th

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The PractitioNERD Show on YouTube, Coming June 29th (also, 200th POST!)

Because it’s amazing what geeky & nerdy hobbies/obsessions, a digital video camera, a microphone, some editing software and a decent internet connection can get you.  Also, not a bad way to celebrate the 200th post on The PractitioNERD! Starting on the evening of Friday, June 29th (and every following Friday evening), the PractitioNERD YouTube show will review the stories covered and shared across the PractitioNERD … Continue reading The PractitioNERD Show on YouTube, Coming June 29th (also, 200th POST!)

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My Impressions: "Bodycount" (Demo – Xbox 360)

For the last several years, the first-person shooter (FPS) has been a dominant genre in the video games market.  Whereas some developers and publishers seek to cash in on the craze with an inferior product (*cough*Hour of Victory*cough*Haze*cough*America’s Army*cough*, some series such as Call of Duty (CoD), Killzone, Battlefield, Halo, Medal of Honor (MoH), and few others that I refer to as the “usual suspects,” … Continue reading My Impressions: "Bodycount" (Demo – Xbox 360)

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The 1st PS2 Game I Finished – "Maximo: Ghosts to Glory"

Maximo: Ghosts to Glory holds a special place in my heart as far as video games are concerned.  When I got my first PlayStation 2 on Christmas of 2002, this game (along with Onimusha 2 and WWF Smackdown: Just Bring It) were my first PS2 games, and of those three games, Maximo was the first PS2 I ever completed, start to finish.  In later years, I noticed that this was one of those games that not a lot of people played; it was just kinda ignored and this game is a very underrated classic in the PlayStation 2’s library. That, and BOOOOOYYY was that game difficult!!  If I recall, it took me around 2 weeks of my Christmas Break of near-non-stop playing to finish that beast of a video game!

The 1st Synthetic Organ Transplant equals "HOO-RAY!!!"

“HOO-RAY” why, exactly?

Well, since this revolutionary and life-saving surgical breakthrough was successful in its first trial (and hopefully things continue as such in subsequent future trials), this could spell the end of these things:
1) No more long waits on patient transplant waiting lists,
2) No more risks of organ rejection post-operation, and
2) No more lives HAVE to be sacrificed to save another life.
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