Bethesda’s Brink, Released in 2011, Is Now Free-To-Play

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I played a bit of Brink back in the day, and I found it mixture of multiplayer gun-play with a single-player narrative very interesting and intriguing (mainly as I was selective and hesitant of what games I played online back then), along with its addition of parkour and its levels set on floating cities. If that sounds like something you’d want to try out, then I have great news for you: the Bethesda-published, Splash-Damage-developed game—originally released in 2011—is now free-to-play on Steam. The thing is, no one (outside of Bethesda and possibly Valve) knows why. Continue reading “Bethesda’s Brink, Released in 2011, Is Now Free-To-Play”

Watch this ‘Destiny’ Player Win a 1-vs-3 Match Without Firing A Single Shot

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls; BEHOLD, the mighty power of the Titan’s bubbles, brought to you from the good people of Reddit. Anyway, check out this incredible video of Destiny player fimi_sheikh take down an entire Trials team without firing a round from his gun. Explanation after the break: Continue reading “Watch this ‘Destiny’ Player Win a 1-vs-3 Match Without Firing A Single Shot”

Remember ‘Black’ by Criterion Games? That was AWESOME!

Criterion Games has been making video games since 1996’s PC-exclusive action game Scorched Planet,  but they made a name for themselves when the original Burnout was released in 2001. The intensely frantic racing game (with a focus on ramming other cars and causing destruction) became known and praised for its technical prowess and tight gameplay.  This prompted Criterion to later develop and release three sequels—Burnout 2: Point of Impact, Burnout 3: Takedown, Burnout Revenge—by 2005. Soon afterward, Criterion announced they were making a first person shooter, promising that players could blow up everything their little hearts desired. The game was called Black, and it was amazing! Continue reading “Remember ‘Black’ by Criterion Games? That was AWESOME!”

‘Jet Swapping’ in Battlefield 4 Shows Teamwork Making the Dream-work

Sometimes the darndest things can happen in a round of (insert first-person shooter game here) online multiplayer match.  Case in point: in Battlefield 4, one guy flies in low with his jet, and as he jumps OUT of the flying machine, one of his nearby teammates jumps INTO the temporarily-abandoned plane and moves on (check out the GIF that shows the point-of-view of both players). Being able to pull off a move like switching jets — especially as smooth at this — must requires superb hand-eye coordination, muscle-memory, and just overall FPS skills and teamwork.

Continue reading “‘Jet Swapping’ in Battlefield 4 Shows Teamwork Making the Dream-work”