These Ice Buildings are Really…Cool. I Apologize.

Again, sorry about that pun; I’ve been watching “Batman & Robin” because I felt a need to punish myself. Anyways, we typically think of buildings being made of materials like concrete, brick, steel, and other things.  But what about ICE; you know frozen water?  I’m taking about entire structures made of the stone cold stuff, not some piece of novelty furniture or some bar you saw on television. Here are 5 of my favorite and extravagant complete ice structures found ACROSS THE WORLD!! Continue reading “These Ice Buildings are Really…Cool. I Apologize.”

The Kamppi Chapel of Silence, or if Noah’s Ark Became a Church…

According to the Book of Genesis in the Old Testament in the Holy Bible, Noah was tasked by God to assemble a pair of every animal on Earth and bring them aboard a giant Ark, which Noah would have to build and be equipped to survive a flood sent by God to wipe the Earth clean.  At the very height of the flood, the ark rested on mountaintops, and the waters began to recede as dry land reappeared, leaving Noah, his family, and the animals leave the ark to repopulate the Earth.  Now, I know you’re asking what this has to do with architecture, but if you take just ONE look at the Kamppi Chapel of Silence, built by K2S Architects in Finland, the building’s design just screams of the vessel of Noah’s fantastic voyage.  Continue reading “The Kamppi Chapel of Silence, or if Noah’s Ark Became a Church…”