ArtsyBuilding Microview Shenmues Wrestler Gab – WIRed #94

It’s time for Episode 94 of WIRed, where Montez McCrary discusses artist-designed architecture, the chip-sized Arduino board, a Shenmue postmortem bug review, and ***it’s so quiet you can hear the wrestlers talk***! Welcome to WIRed, bringing you the nerdy-geekery on architecture, technology, gaming, and pro wrestling. Continue reading “ArtsyBuilding Microview Shenmues Wrestler Gab – WIRed #94”

What If 27 Artists Designed Buildings…

Federico Babina is a Barcelona-based designer who is the brain behind Archist, an illustration series of prints where buildings resemble the work of twenty-seven of the most famous artists throughout history in their signature styles. Many of Babina’s illustrations range from Picasso, Mondrian, Dali and Lichtenstein — to name a few — and each work of art is available for purchase. Think about it: what if Picasso had designed a jagged cubist structure? What if Damien Hirst utilized his trademark polka dots onto a sleek, machine-like modernist building? What if Piet Mondrian applied his interesting approach to geometry and color to the design of an apartment building? What if…well, you get the idea.

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