Sonic Fan (and sometimes Director) John Carpenter on His Love for the Game Series

John Carpenter has directed and/or produced some of my favorite films (from Halloween, The Thing, Escape from New York, The Fog, They Live, Big Trouble in Little China, to name a few), and I put him on my list of my favorite filmmakers of all time. The only thing that could make me idolize this man and his work more was if he were a fan of my favorite video game series…oh…huh…hold on…JOHN CARPENTER IS A SONIC THE HEDGEHOG FAN!?!?!?! ***jumping up-and-down, squealing*** Whew, ok, so, after telling The Guardian last month about how deep he was into Destiny 2, saying “I’ve dedicated my life to learning how to play it. At my age (69 years old) why not? It keeps me out of trouble.” Recently in FACT, he discusses his long-time love for SEGA’s blue-and-spiked-haired dude with an attitude. Continue reading “Sonic Fan (and sometimes Director) John Carpenter on His Love for the Game Series”

Here’s a ‘Grand Theft Auto’ Fan Film Made with LEGO!

Man, it SURE has been a while since The PractitioNERD posted any sort of a LEGO-related story, but I’m glad we could get back on that 1000-piece LEGO train (toot-TOOOOT). With the success of the theatrical LEGO films (The LEGO Movie & The LEGO Batman Movie) and the unlikelyhood of a movie based on the Grand Theft Auto video game series (likely due to the rights to the movie title; THANKS Ron Howard), it’s very evident that these two brands will never officially mesh together. HOWEVER, the lovely concept of fan films DOES exist. YouTube movie maker love Nukazooka latest short brings the two together to create a winning combination.

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Fans Spent Six Years Making This Mega Man Game

Fans Spent Six Years Making This Mega Man GameMega Man fans aren’t just hardcore (Mega Man 3 FOR THE WIN), we are quite the dedicated bunch. What’s that? You want me to give you an example as to WHY?  Well, how about this awesome fan game that two (count ’em, TWO) people have been working on since 2008.  The game is called Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen (and I know what you’re thinking; it’s NOT a Transformers reference). The subtitle is actually a reference to the game’s story, which involves the Robot Masters being revived by the evil (or misunderstood?) Dr. Wily, and they’re out looking for revenge on the Blue Bomber. Naturally (because VIDEO GAMES), it’s your job to stop them. Continue reading “Fans Spent Six Years Making This Mega Man Game”

Counting Halloween! – WIRed #123

It’s time for a spooky Episode 123 of WIRed, where Montez McCrary discusses the resurgence of JFK airport’s Terminal 6, be the DJ who scratches audio tapes, Final Fantasy XV as a polygonal PlayStation 1 game, and get to know the awesome Veda Scott! Welcome to WIRed, bringing you the nerdy-geekery on architecture, technology, gaming, and pro wrestling. Continue reading “Counting Halloween! – WIRed #123”

So Here’s ‘Final Fantasy XV’…as a PSone Game?!?

Final Fantasy XV... As A PlayStation 1 Game

If you’re one of those Final Fantasy fans — like myself — who strongly believed the series peaked with VII and felt that the series had been on a steep decline ever since — personally, IX has been my favorite, and really the only polarizing game in the series since VII has to be XIII; or the blatant pay-to-win rip-off  ‘All The Bravest” on iOS… –then you are going to get a kick out of this.  Freelance animator Mark Jenkins re-imagined the upcoming Final Fantasy XV as a PlayStation 1 game, and the results he chronicled on his Tumblr, are just wonderful. If you can, take yourself back to the mid-to-late 1990’s, and imagine taking that weekly trip to Blockbuster Video or Hollywood Video and you feast your eyes on this wonderful piece of goodness (after the break): Continue reading “So Here’s ‘Final Fantasy XV’…as a PSone Game?!?”

The Entire “MS Paint”-Version Opening Of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

That’s ok! You can have your Adobe PhotoShops and Illustrators, I’ll stick to my longtime favorite imaging program, Microsoft Paint. Granted, the affectionately nicknamed “MS Paint” may not be seen as the best photo/image editing tool to make detailed website banners, ornate greeting cars, an attention-getting magazine cover or even remake the opening credits to our favorite animes/obscure Dreamcast games — what I’m saying is the PhotoShop and Illustrator my be the way to go for those types of projects (or anything else), it didn’t stop someone from trying. Above is an amazingly awesome anime opening to JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (one of my favorite underrated Dreamcast fighters), which HAD to have taken hours upon hours upon HOURS to complete, and it’s not JUST a replica of the original opening sequence as the creators altered most of the scenes and added in some funny extras. So “OurFinalForm,” nerds and geeks everywhere salute you. Continue reading “The Entire “MS Paint”-Version Opening Of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure”

Otto Wagner 3D Doodles Fallout Film Van Cenation – WIRed #57

On Episode 57 of WIRed, we discuss the legacy of Otto Wagner, the 3D printing pen, the Fallout fan film-turned-web series done good, and RVD vs. Cena at ECW One Night Stand in 2006! Continue reading “Otto Wagner 3D Doodles Fallout Film Van Cenation – WIRed #57”