WWE’s 10 Best Hardcore Championship Moments


Although I haven’t written much about this particular former championship, I absolutely loved (and miss) the WWE’s Hardcore Championship. From belt itself — which was an old WWE “Winged Eagle” Championship that was smashed, destroyed and duct-taped back together — to the 24/7 defense rule in the early 2000’s, the obvious fact that this title was a nod to Extreme Championship Wrestling (E-C-W! E-C-W! E-C-W!), and — of course — the matches! As with any champioship in pro wrestling, it’s the wrestlers and the matches that make the title what it is, and the WWE recently released an online video of the Top 10 moments in Hardcore Champioship matches, ranging from the gut-wrenching to the humorous, and it’s quite a joy to watch. Enjoy…after the break, of course.

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Facebooking Gehry, Solar Energy Spheres, Secret Shenmue 3 & E-C-W is Born! – WIRed #10

This week’s episode of The PractitioNERD discusses the World Headquarters of Stalking gets a new HQ (http://goo.gl/sNom9), Solar Spheres better than Solar Panels (http://goo.gl/2gdw0), the subliminal release of Shenmue 3 (http://goo.gl/yL6iu), and ECW? Born out of Controversy? Really? (http://goo.gl/1bgfT)
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“Beyond the Mat,” The 1999 Pro Wrestling Documentary

One of favorite film genres are documentaries, and one of those movies is Barry W. Blaustein’s 1999 project Beyond the Mat.  I remember seeing commercials for this film while watching WWF Shotgun Saturday night (remember that, fellow wrestling fans) and anticipating its release.  I would later be gifted the VHS  release of the film as a Christmas gift from my parents in 2001 and watched it non-stop for several weeks.  Beyond the Mat is by far one of my favorite professional wrestling documentaries (next to Wrestling with Shadows and The Rise & Fall of ECW) of all time, and one that any fan of pro wrestling and/or documentaries should take the time and watch.   Continue reading ““Beyond the Mat,” The 1999 Pro Wrestling Documentary”

“ECW Unreleased, Volume 1” in stores June 5th

After catching wind of the news that ECW Unreleased, Volume 1 was coming out on DVD very soon (like June 5th, very soon) and saw the trailer (after the break), the first thing I did was pump my fists in the air and quietly chant to myself: “E-C-W!! E-C-W!! E-C-W!! E-C-W!! E-C-W!! E-C-W!! E-C-W!!”

Those were the chants heard at every show Extreme Championship Wrestling held, and still at times is heard in current matches today involving wrestlers who were once part of the organization. Since its founding in 1992 as Eastern Championship Wrestling, ECW became popular and revered for showcasing reality-based stories and characters and various international styles of professional wrestling, ranging from Spanish-style lucha libre to Japanese-style puroresu to hardcore wrestling, when no other promotion in America was doing it.  Even after its demise in early 2001 (not including the rebirth WWE-run program from 2006 to 2010), ECW is still looked on with much respect from current wrestlers and fans.

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Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn, ECW Hardcore Heaven 1999

Rob Van Dam entered into a rivalry with Jerry Lynn in Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) in 1999, and he would defend the ECW World Television title at Hardcore Heaven (a rematch from their match 2 months prior at Living Dangerously) in a “no time limit” match. Since the match was deemed so good by ECW officials, wrestlers, and fans alike, ECW owner/promoter Paul Heyman aired it on ECW’s debut episode on TNN in place of a shoot (i.e., non-scripted, non-storyline) promo about TNN that he was planning, but was not allowed to air.  This turned out to be the beginning of ECW’s issues with that network due to the raw deal they had with TNN that put them at a disadvantage from the very start of they’re business relationship.

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