Neoclassical Architecture – Doc’D #65

PractitioNERD Documented, or “Doc’D,” is BACK in a new monthly format, and we’re kicking it off with a ‘somewhat fast-paced’ presentation of an architecture-themed episode, in which host Montez McCrary will be talking about the history, influence and lasting legacy of Neoclassical Architecture. Continue reading “Neoclassical Architecture – Doc’D #65”

Cozmo, Anki’s adorable RC Robot, will spread its cuteness to Canada in July

Look, robotic remote-controlled cars are awesome and they always have been.  Even last fall, Anki released an adorable, palm-sized robot companion names Cozmo for sale in the US. Plus, it didn’t just rolls on its tank treads, it also uses its arm to interact with its surroundings, AND has a built-in camera to recognize you AND your pets. Starting in July, Anki will put the Cozmo on sale in the Great White North (a.k.a., Canada) for $250 CA, and in September, it will be available for purchase in the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Nordic countries. Continue reading “Cozmo, Anki’s adorable RC Robot, will spread its cuteness to Canada in July”

Exigent Networks Highlight the Expansion of WiFi Hotspot Services in Europe

The Little Island, County Cork, Ireland-based Exigent Networks is a network security solutions company that aims at delivering high quality network connectivity. The company, with offices in Dublin and Birmingham, England, primarily focus on offering network and security infrastructure, IP telephony, microwave wireless, network and systems management and related services to private and public clients. As part of that line of work, it’s a necessity to conduct research related to the market you’re in and the services you offer. According to a detailed research graphic Exigent sent my way, it seems that they are seeing the amount of public wireless hotspots in Europe to more than double, triple, quadruple or even quintuple (and THEN some) within the next 12 months.

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Gaudí’s Sagrada Família to Become Tallest Church in Europe by 2026

This is the epitome of patience, as it has only taken 133 years since the laying of the foundation of Antoni Gaudí’s Sagrada Família for the project’s construction to finally enter its final phase. The project’s directing architect Jordi Faulí, who is overseeing the completion of six new towers that will raise the “Tower of Jesus Christ” to approximately 566-foot-tall, stated that it would become the tallest religious structure in Europe and Barcelona’s tallest building in a recent public statement. The final stage won’t only include the construction of the 566 foot Tower of Jesus Christ, but will include five other 443-foot towers honoring the Virgin Mary and the four apostles.

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LEGO® Architecture’s Newest Edition: BIG’s Unbuilt LEGO® House

Well, I bet you guys were JUST WAITING for another LEGO®-related story on the site; HERE YOU GO!! LEGO® recently released their newest, limited-edition architecture set: BIG’s unbuilt LEGO® House. Planned for completion in 2016, this minimal, white block “experience center” will commemorate the history and future of the toy company and is the first unbuilt project offered as part of the ‘LEGO Architecture’ series. Right now the set is only available for purchase in LEGO®’s hometown of Billund (or right here on eBay). This set provides an idea of  how the building might be constructed as the process begins.  YAY!  It still blows my mind that this thing WILL be constructed, and is a REAL architecture project that is currently REALLY under construction! DOUBLE YAY! Continue reading “LEGO® Architecture’s Newest Edition: BIG’s Unbuilt LEGO® House”

The Hilarious Censored Screens from ‘South Park: The Stick of Truth’

Around this time last week, South Park: The Stick of Truth was released and has been widely praised by critics and gamers alike. The game, containing a mix of indelicate humor and Obsidian-style roleplay, now has the honorable distinction of being the first licensed South Park game that wasn’t disappointing and/or just sucked. Of course, due to the nature of the show’s content and language, some regional versions contained completely censored game sequences. I present to you all, the alternative censored screens that European and Australian console gamers see instead of the original scenes from South Park: The Stick of Truth. They are quite amusing, also LANGUAGE AND SPOILERS AFTER THE BREAK!

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The Kamppi Chapel of Silence, or if Noah’s Ark Became a Church…

According to the Book of Genesis in the Old Testament in the Holy Bible, Noah was tasked by God to assemble a pair of every animal on Earth and bring them aboard a giant Ark, which Noah would have to build and be equipped to survive a flood sent by God to wipe the Earth clean.  At the very height of the flood, the ark rested on mountaintops, and the waters began to recede as dry land reappeared, leaving Noah, his family, and the animals leave the ark to repopulate the Earth.  Now, I know you’re asking what this has to do with architecture, but if you take just ONE look at the Kamppi Chapel of Silence, built by K2S Architects in Finland, the building’s design just screams of the vessel of Noah’s fantastic voyage.  Continue reading “The Kamppi Chapel of Silence, or if Noah’s Ark Became a Church…”