Remember when Daniel Bryan joined the Wyatt Family? Yeah, Me Neither!

Daniel Bryan Joins the Wyatt Family

On the final Raw of 2013, Daniel Bryan did the unthinkable by joining the Wyatt Family. This came months after being ambushed and attached by the group and always falling short of victory.  In storyline, it made sense as Bray Wyatt is a manipulative mastermind and Bryan was at a mentally weak and existing time in his career. With Wyatt promising that they could take over the WWE together, it got plenty of people talking going into the new year…
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Famous Rapper Consequence Releases Wyatt Family Song

Rapper Consequence, whose debut album was released by Kanye West’s “GOOD Music” label, recently recorded a hip-hop track called “Follow The Buzzards,” which samples The Wyatt Family’s theme music. For a little background, The Wyatt Family is a professional wrestling stable in WWE which has the gimmick of a backwoods cult, and consists of leader Bray Wyatt and his followers, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan. As a nice little bonus to the track, the single includes a cartoon picture of the Wyatt Family for the promo art. You can listen to it here, and sound off with your thoughts and opinions in the comments section down there. That’s below this text. You know what I mean…

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