Apple Extending Its Free Recycling Program to ALL Used Products

In an endeavor that is already in progress, all Apple company stores are accepting ANY Apple product for recycling at NO CHARGE, and if the product is resalable, they will offer you some store credit (i.e., Apple Gift Cards) to give customers more incentive to “trade-in”.  Apple CEO Tim Cook declared in a prior shareholder’s meeting that the company should “leave the world better than we found it”, and in an Associated Press interview, Lisa Jackson — Apple VP of Environmental Initiatives (and former EPA administrator) — stated that the company wants to “use all our innovation and all of our expertise to make the planet more secure and make the environment better.” Continue reading “Apple Extending Its Free Recycling Program to ALL Used Products”

+Node, The Midpoint of Animal & Human Life

When a fence or property line to separate nature and developments, why not just stick an entire building to do the job for you? Well one, it’s not that practical as a common solution, but Keiuske Maeda of UID Architects presented this house located in Hiroshima that practically does that.  On the south side of the site, there’s nothing but forest, plants and animals, while a developed residential area comprises the north side of the house’s site.

Continue reading “+Node, The Midpoint of Animal & Human Life”

PSU Developing Bandages That Dissolve Into Sugar Post-Healing

Penn State University’s Department of Food Science have worked utilizing an electrospinning device to stretch fibrous strands from a solution of biodegradable food-starch. After using the solvent to dissolve the starch into fluid, the long strands are then spun and then can be woven together like textiles—an application that could potentially include the creation of napkins, tissues, paper-like products, and even medical dressings, such as gauze and bandages. Continue reading “PSU Developing Bandages That Dissolve Into Sugar Post-Healing”