So, How Well Does RetroPie Game Emulation work with the Raspberry Pi 3?

Honestly, the most fun I’ve had on a Raspberry Pi project was turning my Pi B+ into a RetroPie retro game console and my Pi 2 into a Plex Media Server (which grabs content from my external hard drive connected to my Netgear router). By far, turning a Raspberry Pi into a RetroPie is possibly the most popular project for the affordable microcomputer. So with the release of the Pi 3, just HOW WELL does it perform compared to prior models? Luckily, we have videos for that! Continue reading “So, How Well Does RetroPie Game Emulation work with the Raspberry Pi 3?”

Play This Atari 2600-style ‘Mortal Kombat’ homebrew game RIGHT NOW!!

Let’s say, theoretically, if Mortal Kombat went back in time to the days of River Raid, Adventure and Pitfall, then the result of this DeLorean-esque trip would probably look something like THIS, right? Also yes, that IS Scorpion up there; I’m at least 95% sure should I squint hard enough see how the yellow-and-black bits.  Anyway, this is old-school Atari 2600-style blocky graphics attempting to evoke the stype of the gory fighting game franchise in Mortal Kombat: Netherrealm Journey, which has been floating around the good ol’ interwebz for a while now, however I’ve just stumbled on it a couple of days ago while surfing the Information Superhighway and winding up at the Library of Atari YouTube channel. Continue reading “Play This Atari 2600-style ‘Mortal Kombat’ homebrew game RIGHT NOW!!”

The Ultimate Arcade Machine…In a Raspberry Pi’ed Game Boy!

I’m telling you guys, I cannot get enough of these Raspberry Pi hacks! I’ve came across this hack project by DIYer and gamer John Hassl, in which he has given new life to the original, grey-bricked, green-lit monochromatic screened Game Boy, all thanks to the best little $35 microcomputer Raspberry Pi. This project features Hassl cramming the Pi into the case of an old-school Game Boy, and running retro game system emulator software on the Pi to give provide access to all your favorite classic game titles on the portable game system you and I know and love. Hassl even goes the extra step to hack on a few extra buttons around back of the case for use of playing games on some more modern system emulators. Continue reading “The Ultimate Arcade Machine…In a Raspberry Pi’ed Game Boy!”

‘Mother/Earthbound’ Fan Compiles All Three Games for Wii

The classic Super Nintendo game EarthBound (titled Mother 2 in Japan) holds a special place in the hearts of many gamers.  The problem with being said-fan of the game is that despite the clamor for it, Nintendo has never OFFICIALLY released Mother — often regarded as Earthbound Zero, due its cancelled plans to be released locally for the North American NES system –or Mother 3 on the Game Boy Advance outside of Japan — even though a faction of die-hard fans translated the ENTIRETY of Mother 3 from Japanese to English THEMSELVES and released it as a ROM hack in 2008 that I personally may-or-may-not have played… Continue reading “‘Mother/Earthbound’ Fan Compiles All Three Games for Wii”