Reminder: The IRS IS NOT Calling You…

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Happy Tax Season everyone! It’s the time of year to go through all of your records, receipts, W-2’s, statements, donation documents and more to try to get some of that cash you overpaid to ol’ Uncle Sam. Unfortunately, it’s also that time of year where scammers will contact you via phone, email, and (in some cases) social media accounts (fo’ real, tho?), claim that they’re from the IRS and threaten that they’ll contact the authorities if you don’t pay up. SPOILER ALERT: the IRS is NOT calling you, they WILL NOT threaten you with police action, and they WILL NOT demand that you pay them money at that exact moment. File this warning under “a representative from Microsoft” and/or “a representative from Windows” will NEVER contact you about a computer issue you’re having; I had to educate THREE people at my church of that AGAIN this past week in UNDER a 24-HOUR PERIOD.
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Make Your Own Newsletter Unsubscription Service with Google Scripts!

Unsubscribe from Gmail Bulk Messages

If you ever got tired of receiving heaps and piles of emails from newsletter services and linking your social media accounts to other online services, you could have signed up with the free newsletter unsubscription service, However, recently the New York Times discovered and reported that has been busted for collecting and selling off your data, particularly to Uber, which Uber used to track Lyft drivers and members in the name of gaining intelligence on Lyft. Oh Boy! No worries, because you can create your own Google Script file to unsubscribe from a ton of email newsletters almost just as easily and for free (and your data will be more secure and private)! Continue reading “Make Your Own Newsletter Unsubscription Service with Google Scripts!”

Son Hacks Kinect To Help Mother Email After Suffering Stroke

Some years ago, Chad Ruble’s mother suffered a stroke and now has aphasia.  She hasn’t been able to use a keyboard for years because it is extremely difficult for her to recognize text, due to the stroke. Earning his candidacy for “Son of the Year,” Chad hacked and built a Kinect-enabled interface that allows his mother to move her hand around a series of emoticons (happy, sad, upset, etc.) and other icons to help her compose and send e-mails.  Check out the video after the break.   Continue reading “Son Hacks Kinect To Help Mother Email After Suffering Stroke”