Bray Wyatt got his Customer Service On by Helping A Stranger In Walmart Find His Action Figure…

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Since his days in NXT, there’s never been a moment where I’ve (or in fact, MANY of us) questioned the performance, entertainment and wrestling abilities of Bray Wyatt, but this story also makes him out to be a pretty decent guy.  Courtesy of WWE artist Rob Schamberger, we finally have a story to prove that, and it involves an action figure, an autograph, a Walmart, his step-grandmother-in-law (I’ll get to that in a bit), and the Eater of Worlds himself. Continue reading “Bray Wyatt got his Customer Service On by Helping A Stranger In Walmart Find His Action Figure…”

“PDFConverter Free Converter Tool” Quick Review

Create and convert PDF to Word, Excel, Powerpoint online free  #pdf:

Back in the day (which I’m targeting at between 2003 and 2014), I remember using a number of programs and services to create PDFs from Microsoft Office (back when I USED to use it) files – from Word, Excel and PowerPoint – to creating Office files in those formats FROM a PDF file (which was a nightmare in many cases). Since I’ve moved to Google Drive exclusively as my office suite, I’ve had no issues translating Drive files to PDFs, but back in my days of using Office on an everyday basis, it can be best described as a coin toss in terms of PDF conversions working well. I was recently contacted by a representative from a company that offers a free, web-based PDF converter called, well,; which not only converts Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files to PDFs, but ALSO converts from PDFs to those Microsoft Office files. After some quick testing with some older Office files I have and a work computer that was running Office 2007, I was left very impressed. Continue reading ““PDFConverter Free Converter Tool” Quick Review”