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Electronic Arts Shuts Down Visceral Games. *SIGH*

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Starting this past Tuesday, Visceral Games is no more. It was announce today that the studio behind Battlefield Hardline (my 2nd favorite Battlefield game after BF1) and the awesomely-spoopy (NOT a typo) Dead Space series (as well as Dante’s Inferno, The Simpsons Game, The James Bond games Agent Under Fire, Everything or Nothing and From Russia With Love, and The Godfather games among others), will be shut down in the near future. Plus, according to EA, the Star Wars game in development at Visceral will be revamped into something completely different and will move to a different studio, EA Worldwide Studios, led by EA Vancouver. Continue reading Electronic Arts Shuts Down Visceral Games. *SIGH*


The PractitioNERD E3 2017 Stream (brought to you by Twitch)

Watch Electronic Arts’ E3 Press Conference RIGHT HERE (Update: It’s Over)

Continue reading Watch Electronic Arts’ E3 Press Conference RIGHT HERE (Update: It’s Over)

Remember ‘Black’ by Criterion Games? That was AWESOME!

Criterion Games has been making video games since 1996’s PC-exclusive action game Scorched Planet,  but they made a name for themselves when the original Burnout was released in 2001. The intensely frantic racing game (with a focus on ramming other cars and causing destruction) became known and praised for its technical prowess and tight gameplay.  This prompted Criterion to later develop and release three sequels—Burnout 2: Point of Impact, Burnout 3: Takedown, Burnout Revenge—by 2005. Soon afterward, Criterion announced they were making a first person shooter, promising that players could blow up everything their little hearts desired. The game was called Black, and it was amazing! Continue reading Remember ‘Black’ by Criterion Games? That was AWESOME!

Check out this fake crossover of The Sims and Pokemon!

While The Sims is an entertaining and successful video game series, it sure does get a lot of well-deserved grief, mostly due to its near-neverending amount and pricey DLC/Expansions. However, the core games have been pretty decent, with exception to the most recent edition — The Sims 4 — that eliminated a ton of features from prior iterations. Based on that, I’m very much liking this fake “The Sims, in the style of Pokémon” game by Hat-Loving Gamer. Check out the video above, and be ready for the depressing moments to occur…

See Captain America and The Hulk Throw Down in a Cancelled Marvel Fighting Game

Between this week’s and last week’s gaming-related posts, I’ve not come back down from my Avengers: Age of Ultron high, yet…

Why, back in my day, video game companies made superhero games for consoles ALL THE TIME; ESPECIALLY when there was a superhero movie coming out in theaters. It happened ALL THE TIME, SERIOUSLY! Well, back in that time, an EA Chicago studio was working on a fighting game featuring a slew of characters from Marvel’s House of Ideas, but it got cancelled. The video above provides a good look at what direction the game was going – despite the rough imagery – and is provided courtesy of PtoP Online, a YouTube channel specializing in digging up old video game prototypes while discussing and showing them to the world.  The video does a great job at giving a sense of the size and scope that EA Chicago was looking to implement and still looked pretty promising.

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‘Fallout’ Precursor & PC Classic ‘Wastleland’ on GOG.com & Steam

Another Fallout-ish related story? I may not have published as many of those as Sonic or LEGO entries, but hey, I like what I like. And I LOVE this story!

Here it is: as part of celebrating/commemorating the Wasteland 2 Kickstarter project, developer inXile announced that the original Wasteland will be available for a separate release on GOG.com and Steam, all thanks to and with assistance from…Electronic Arts? Yup, that same publisher that crams Madden, NCAA Football (except after this year’s release) down our throats and may-or-may-not-have-ruined Dead Space 3 — let’s be honest, you don’t HAVE to buy Madden/NCAA every year and at least Mirror’s Edge 2 IS A THING (YES!) —  is allowing inXile can release the original post-apocalyptic RPG separately, thanks to a new agreement with the EA and the developer. Continue reading ‘Fallout’ Precursor & PC Classic ‘Wastleland’ on GOG.com & Steam

Algae Apts. w/ Cheap 4KTVs Fandangoing to NHL ‘94! – WIRed #43

This week on WIRed, a apartment complex where you can grow your air conditioning  an affordable — but off-brand — 4K ultra HD television, the 20th anniversary of NHL ’94, and how to do the Faaaaaaaaaaaan-donnnnnnnnng-gooooooooooo! Trust me, you’ll be lovin’ it!   Continue reading Algae Apts. w/ Cheap 4KTVs Fandangoing to NHL ‘94! – WIRed #43