Roku – Geek Me Five #23

In this episode of Geek Me Five, host Montez McCrary will be discussing five simple and interesting facts about the Roku streaming set-top box.

1) The Official Roku website []
2) “19* Hidden Roku Tricks for Streaming Success,” PC Magazine []
3) The Official Roku Blog [] Continue reading “Roku – Geek Me Five #23”

Stackable APTs, Dish/BETA, RIP THQ & Royal Rumblin’ – WIRed #32

This week on WIRed, NYC’s modular/stackable apartment complex reminds me of UNO Stacko, Dish should thank BETAMAX for their support against the networks, whistling TAPS and pouring out a 40 for my homies at THQ, and facts/figures/random information about the Royal Rumble.   Continue reading “Stackable APTs, Dish/BETA, RIP THQ & Royal Rumblin’ – WIRed #32”

CEA Supports DISH, Thanks to…BETAMAX?!?

Nowadays (especially NOW-a-days), technology and lawsuits go together like peanut butter and jelly; it has become common in today’s tech news, and this is no different.  Recently, the Consumer Electronics Association, the Computer and Communications Industry Association and the Internet Association voiced their support toward Dish Network in its legal drama with several television networks (from FOX to CBS, and more) over whether the satellite company’s commercial-skipping Auto Hop feature is legal or not. The three entities submitted an amicus brief to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, saying that the feature is protected based on a earlier ruling that saved the Betamax in the early-1980’s. Yes. The BETAMAX! More after the break! Continue reading “CEA Supports DISH, Thanks to…BETAMAX?!?”

Iron Men Blackitects on Simple.TV Portal Gun It To The Mid-South – WIRed #18

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This week on WIRed, Iron Man 3 trailer **squealing** MIT tries to solve the case or missing black architects, can the Simple.TV give the TiVo a run for it’s money, you can finally get a Portal gun from ThinkGeek- it’s cheaper, but it’s smaller – and now EVERYONE can get some of the that Mid-South Wrestling ACTION!   Continue reading “Iron Men Blackitects on Simple.TV Portal Gun It To The Mid-South – WIRed #18”

Simple Network HD-DVR with Simple.TV

In the quest of more devices to prepare for the possibility to live a cable/satellite-free entertainment life (as cable TV time has been replaced by video games and streaming media for me), one aspect is to buy an affordable computer to use as a home theater PC (HTPC) and a digital video recorder (DVR).  For just one TV, having a HTPC with DVR capabilities is not much of a hassle, but with a home with over 5 TV’s, 5 HTPC’s (or even TiVo boxes) is pretty steep on the good-ol’ wallet.  Thankfully, the Simple.TV offers a simple and fairly cheap solution that can record and stream live TV content.   Continue reading “Simple Network HD-DVR with Simple.TV”