The PractitioNERD Tribute to Dusty Rhodes, 1945 – 2015

This past Thursday, legendary professional wrestler and WWE Hall-of-Famer “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes passed away at the age of 69.  I wanted to give tribute to the legacy of the man born Virgil Runnels, Jr. by assembling this playlist featuring some of my favorite moments from his long and fantastic career.  Thank you, Dusty, and Happy Trails to you…..until we meet again… Continue reading “The PractitioNERD Tribute to Dusty Rhodes, 1945 – 2015”

Fast Design History, 3D Casts, RippleDotZero & WarGames – WIRed #55

On episode “Cinco-Cinco” — which is “Five-Five”, NOT “Fifty-Five” — of PractitioNERD WIRed, I shoot the breeze on quicky architectural history videos, the possible rise of the 3D-printed cast, the AWESOME ‘RippleDotZero’ Flash game, and WarGames, OOH, GOOD LORD, What Is It Good For (well, memorable matches, that’s what…)… Continue reading “Fast Design History, 3D Casts, RippleDotZero & WarGames – WIRed #55”

WCW Going To War – What is “WarGames”?

Well, here comes your answer! “WarGames” was a gimmick match that involved two teams of four wrestlers locked inside a steel cage that encompassed two rings.  This match was originally used by the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) and later annually held in World Championship Wrestling’s (WCW) Fall Brawl pay-per-view event held in September.  It was created by Dusty Rhodes as a specialty match for the Four Horsemen, and originally took place at the NWA’s 1987 Great American Bash tour.   The WarGames match was an inspiration for WWE’s Elimination Chamber, TNA’s Lethal Lockdown, and ROH‘s Steel Cage Warfare match types. Continue reading “WCW Going To War – What is “WarGames”?”

Social Design with Quantel Paintbox in a ZombiU Strap Match – WIRed #22

This week on episode 22 of WIRed, the Public Interest Design Institute Asks Architects to Tackle Social Needs, a Quantel Paintbox Demo from 1990, ZombiU is the Longest-Delayed Game Sequel Ever (NOT Duke Nukem Forever) & Pro Wrestling’s Strap Match — without the dirty stuff…maybe.   Continue reading “Social Design with Quantel Paintbox in a ZombiU Strap Match – WIRed #22”

Pro Wrestling’s Strap Match (without the dirty stuff…)

In professional wrestling the strap match is known by many other names and is performed with many slight variations.  You can say that this is a case where something could have multiple personalities, and not have to be committed to a mental institution  Essentially, the match has both competitors placed on the opposite ends of a restraint (that being a rope, leather strap, chain, bullrope, etc.) in order to keep them in close physical proximity. The rules of the match are of such: the strap—as well as anything attached to it—are legal for use as weapons, and the most common rule for winning is that one wrestler has to touch all four corners of the ring (either the top turnbuckles or ring posts) in sequential order without stopping.  Some match rules include the possibility of winning via pinfall, and due to the legality of using the strap as a weapon (often as a choking device — SEE LEFT), submissions are usually not allowed.   Continue reading “Pro Wrestling’s Strap Match (without the dirty stuff…)”

WWE Classics on Professional Wrestling in Texas

Dusty Rhodes, Cowboy Bill Watts, Jim Ross and Michael Hayes join host Gene Okerlund on the show WWE Classics for a roundtable discussion of the greatest Superstars to come out of Texas (for example: The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Terry Funk, Stan Henson, Dick Murdoch, Dusty Rhodes, Stone Cold Steve Austin, the Von Erich family, Eddie & Chavo Guerrero, Booker T, John Bradshaw Layfield, Paul London, Billy Gunn, etc.) and top events from the Lone Star State. (WrestleMania 17 & 25, and many more).   Continue reading “WWE Classics on Professional Wrestling in Texas”

“No Holds Barred,” Starring Hulk Hogan: The Movie & The Match

On July 3rd (over a month ago), the 1989 cult classic film No Holds Barred was released for the first time ever on DVD. The film features Hulk Hogan — in his first starring role — as Rip, the larger-than-life pro wrestling champion who’s been defeating some of the biggest bad guys ever to enter the squared circle. When Rip’s success and popularity catches the attention of  a shady TV executive Tom Brell (Kurt Fuller, Wayne’s World), he finds himself stuck in the middle of a plan to boost the network’s ratings — which were sinking — by scheduling him in a match against a vicious monster-of-a-wrestler named Zeus (Tommy “Tiny” Lister, Friday).  I must admit, this film is corny at times and over-the-top, but it’s still a very enjoyable and entertaining experience.  The film also stars Joan Severence (See No Evil, Hear No Evil), along with Mark Pellegrino (TV’s LostSupernatural), and the late-Robert “The Jeep” Swenson.   Continue reading ““No Holds Barred,” Starring Hulk Hogan: The Movie & The Match”