Google Drive’s New Backup System is Great (Especially if You Have NO Backup Plan…)

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Google is soon going to introduce an update on June 28th (for consumers) to its cloud storage service Google Drive, which will allow you to backup your data by selecting certain folders on your computer and syncing them to their respective folders rather than copying them onto one folder on Drive.  The service is being called Backup & Sync, and if you don’t have an offsite cloud backup storage plan (you should have one; I’ll get to that later), you’ll have little-to-no excuse. While more higher-rated data backup services like Crashplan and Backblaze exist, Google’s offering is more accessible and easier to dive into.

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‘How-To-Geek’s’ Awesome Guide on Buying Refurbished PC Parts

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Something that’s part of the fun of assembling and/or upgrading your own desktop or laptop PC is the allure of the money you’ll be saving versus outright purchasing a pre-built machine. You can further extend saving MORE money by focusing on buying refurbished parts, but that’s territory where you’ll want to pay more attention and tread more lightly.  This is because while some refurbished PC parts are of good quality and can be bought for less, others parts may not be. Thankfully, for additional insight, Michael Crider of How-To-Geek put together a great guide on the best and least recommended PC parts to buy refurbished, based on the type/component of parts that you’re looking for (i.e., hard drives, power supplies, motherboards, etc.). Continue reading “‘How-To-Geek’s’ Awesome Guide on Buying Refurbished PC Parts”

Haunted Homes, Floppy HDDs, Syphon Filter & Failed Comebacks – WIRed #19

This week on WIRed, Some of the more architecturally scariest homes in horror, how to use that old floppy drive of the past with your computer of today through MAGIC & some DIY hacking, how “Syphon Filter” almost never happened, and you may or may not call it a comeback…but it won’t always guarantee WWE success.   Continue reading “Haunted Homes, Floppy HDDs, Syphon Filter & Failed Comebacks – WIRed #19”

It’s Not Everyday You See a TANK at a White Castle Drive-Thru Window

The video above comes from FPSRussia, an online entertainment show with a main character who is known for being a faux-Russian arms aficionado. In many of his prior videos, he has tazed his willing fans, blown up trees using .50 caliber guns, and even driven an APC through a drive-thru at a McDonald’s.  Now, McDonald’s may be good enough for some people (I’m more of a Whataburger guy, … Continue reading It’s Not Everyday You See a TANK at a White Castle Drive-Thru Window

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Turn Your USB HDD’s into a NAS with LaCie’s LaPlug…FOR $75 BUCKS!!

There’s this company that I have never heard before of until today called LaCie, and apparently they have a history of creating and releasing network storage devices that are visually restrained in design in their presentation (by the way, that’s fancy talk for saying that most of their devices look like boxes).  There’s the LaCie “CloudBox” that works as a hybrid 100 GB HDD that backs up your data locally AND in the cloud simultaneously, and the LaCie “Wireless Space” (it’s kind of like Apple’s “Time Capsule”) that works as a network-attached storage (NAS) local backup drive AND and wireless (WLAN) router.