Here’s Some Fancy Dog House ‘Bark-itecture,’ If You Will…

studio schicketanz's doggy dreamhouse designboom

Back when our family had our first dog, Ivory Snow (a cocker spaniel), I built her a doghouse made from a large cardboard box; it was later expanded with a second cardboard box. Boy, she loved that thing as much as I loved making it. For our dogs, I’m sure a list of things they would want start at delicious treats and a comfy bed, but for all we know, they could even dream of an improved and updated take on traditional dog houses that may even reduce their carbon footprint. Or paw-print; I’ll see myself out. Continue reading “Here’s Some Fancy Dog House ‘Bark-itecture,’ If You Will…”

Here’s ‘Home Free,’ A Game Where You’re A Dog Lost In The Big City

I wish there were more games where you play as dogs, because Dogs are awesome! Tokyo Jungle on PS3 is awesome! So I was very happy to find out about Home Free, a game currently on Kickstarter, which has you playing as a lost dog — one of many breeds to choose from — trying to find their way home through a huge, procedurally-generated city. Continue reading “Here’s ‘Home Free,’ A Game Where You’re A Dog Lost In The Big City”