Looking for Nightmares? These New ‘Silent Hill’ Soundtracks Should Do The Trick…

With Halloween coming in a wee-little-bit over a week from today, so I want to send your way some appropriate music to celebrate the occasion by way of Sumthing Else Music. Why them, you ask? Well, I figured that you wanted to get into the holiday/celebratory spirit with newly-released digital soundtracks from some of the two recent Silent Hill games, including Silent Hill: Downpour (for the PS3 and Xbox 360) and Silent Hill: Book of Memories (for the PS Vita). Continue reading “Looking for Nightmares? These New ‘Silent Hill’ Soundtracks Should Do The Trick…”

Lost Episode of “Dexter’s Laboratory”; Thanks [adultswim]!

Just yesterday, [adultswim] posted a lost episode of the classic Cartoon Network animated series “Dexter’s Laboratory” entitled “Rude Removal.”  I loved the series as a child and I’m ecstatic to see a (I guess you could say) “new” episode after ALL this time — TEN years, to be precise.  Long story short — even though the episode is only 7-and-a-half minutes long — this unaired episode of Dexter’s Lab shows how Dexter’s latest invention could keep Standards & Practices busy with the censor/”bleep” button.  Check out the episode after the break.   Continue reading “Lost Episode of “Dexter’s Laboratory”; Thanks [adultswim]!”