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‘Night Trap’ Re-release Sparks ‘Night Trap 2’ Development; Work on Sequel to Speed Up After NT1’s Ports are Done

This Friday, the remaster of the classic/infamous full-motion video game Night Trap will be re-released in a limited physical run on August 11 (thanks to developer Screaming Villains & Limited Run Games), while the digital release on PS4 and PC takes place on August 15. Due to the positive feedback of the re-release, its sequel, Night Trap 2, is currently in the very early stages of development as it aims to go into full-speed after the original game’s other remastered ports are finished and released. Another interesting little tid-bit is that the original game director, James Riley, will be heavily involved in the sequel’s development. Continue reading ‘Night Trap’ Re-release Sparks ‘Night Trap 2’ Development; Work on Sequel to Speed Up After NT1’s Ports are Done


Here’s an Unreal Engine 4 Rendering of the Sinking of the Titanic

The Sinking of the Titanic, Rendered in Unreal Engine 4

Titanic: Honor & Glory is an IndieGoGo project dedicated to digitally recreating the RMS Titanic’s ill-fated maiden voyage using Unreal Engine 4, which you TOO can get for the low, LOW price of FREE. Below is a video the team created that showcases the famous grand staircase of the ship disappearing under the flooding, icy water, and the team’s goal is to recreate the WHOLE ship, its voyage and its last hours. The final game will include a ‘free roam mode’ in which players can freely wander around the ship with minimal crowds, without any mission objectives and be able to watch as everything is slowly engulfed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.  While the project both looks and sounds frightening (without traditional horror-game elements), I can only wonder what the experience would be like with Oculus support.

The Notorious B.I.G.’s: Blacks In Gaming

Warren Spector. Randy Pitchford. Will Wright.  What doe these gaming gods have in common.

What? NO, the answer has nothing to do with them NOT being black.  They all wear glasses. Geez people, I thought we didn’t look at each other based on race.

Anyway, Blacks In Gaming is an organization (with sponsorship backing from Microsoft) that plans to involve itself in new projects, tech, local chapters, up and coming entrepreneurial ventures, collaborative networking and gaming curriculums in schools and universities.  BIG members are gaming industry professionals who voluntarily give their time to share their experiences and insight to their exciting careers.  Although it can be difficult to get into the gaming industry, BIG feels that their involvement in the process could break through those barriers. Their mission is to provide support to anyone who wants to be part of the gaming industry (gamers included) via various networking opportunities, outreach programs, mentorships, and entrepreneurships.   Continue reading The Notorious B.I.G.’s: Blacks In Gaming