British “Newspaper” (read: Rag) Mistakes ‘Deus Ex’ Game For Real-Life Tech

Oh, The Sun; Britain’s sad excuse of a tabloid, rumor-mongering news-rag; calling it a “newspaper is disrespectful to actual, legitimate newspapers. It’s kinda like the Onion; except that it’s not satirical , not funny, and The Sun expects you to take them seriously. Sure, whatever.  a couple of weeks ago, The Sun reported that the United States technology firm Sarif Industries was developing cybernetic eyeball for human implantation that could give us 20/20 vision and allow us to be monitored by any government agency our our choice.  Even with the uproar about the NSA and everything that came along with it, THIS had to a hit the “too-stupid-too-be-true” level to most sensible human beings. Oh wait, I’m talking about The Sun. Continue reading “British “Newspaper” (read: Rag) Mistakes ‘Deus Ex’ Game For Real-Life Tech”

My Favorite Most Mispronounced Video Game Titles, EVER!

It’s nothing new for people to incorrectly pronounce the title of a movie, book, TV Show, song title, or even video games. Sometimes it could be the arrangement of the letters, the instance or proper use of long and short vowels, accents over letters, and, well, REASONS! GamesRadar recently put together their list of the most mispronounced video game titles, and –drawing inspiration from them — I will only showcase titles that I have played and/or own. LET THE GAMES (see what I did there) BEGIN!!   Continue reading “My Favorite Most Mispronounced Video Game Titles, EVER!”