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Two Ex-Google Engineers Create Driverless Delivery Car Service

Dave Ferguson and Jiajun Zhu, who formerly worked as Lead Engineers at Google, have founded Nuro. The focus of their new company isn’t on reinventing public and large-cargo transportation, but on low-speed, local & last-mile deliveries or groceries, take-out orders (via Seamless) and laundry. Nuro’s goal is to automate these services to shoulder the quick increase in last-minute deliveries, while giving local businesses a boost to compete with Amazon (mainly their Prime Now service).

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Here’s That Caffeinated Soylent You’ve PROBABLY Heard About…

I can assure you that this Soylent product is in NO WAY people-related.  Anyway, this is called Coffiest, mainly because it’s more coffee-er than the coffee we’re familiar with. This comes from the people at Soylent, known for their delivery service that provides meal-replacing, soy and algal oil-based nutrient products similar to their existing liquid offerings, with a key new addition. While Coffiest is made for the Soylent faithful who want that little extra kick in the morning, it comes with a coffee flavoring of light roast coffee with “a hint of chocolate,” according to Soylent themselves.

Apparently, the added java adds a kick of caffeine to the drink as each bottle contains the equivalent of a 16-ounce cup of coffee. The mixture also includes the amino acid l-theanine, which is said to help reduce caffeine-induced jitters that I know I’M VERY familiar with. Plus, each bottle has 400 calories, which is roughly 20-percent of the recommended daily nutritional requirements, and DOES NOT INCLUDE animal products or byproducts. Twelve bottles of Coffiest come at $37 a month, and is now available through Soylent’s website.