Turn an Old Cassette Tape into an MP3 Player

Make an MP3 Player Out of an Old Cassette

One of the things I loved the most of watching “Guardians of the Galaxy” was Star-Lord’s use of his old-school Walkman (in name only), which brought back memories of carrying around my old Sony Walkman and jamming to the Boomerang soundtrack I own on cassette.  Of course, the times of the portable cassette player have passed, first by the portable compact disc (CD) player, then the MP3 player (yes, that INCLUDES the iPod).  Now, while your basic Mp3 player isn’t nearly as popular as they used to be a decade ago, Instructables (one of my absolute FAVORITE websites on the internet) user BrittLiv submitted the MP3 player-inside-of-a-cassette project, which is VERY MUCH cool enough that it would be worth making for retail. Seriously. Continue reading “Turn an Old Cassette Tape into an MP3 Player”

It’s ‘Watch_Dogs’…’Minecraft’-Style!

Watch Dogs Isn't Out, But It's Already Getting The Minecraft Treatment

While the game that I originally pre-ordered with my PlayStation 4 — yup, Watch_Dogs — might not be out yet, that gives no excuse for clever and creative Minecraft players to not create some awesomeness for us to enjoy. Why, well it’s kind of become common knowledge among gamers that Minecraft players will recreate just about everything in block-form, right? Continue reading “It’s ‘Watch_Dogs’…’Minecraft’-Style!”

Microview Shrinks Arduino Into A Tiny, Little OLED Module

Are you like myself and you desperately want a itsy-bitsy, tiny, little Arduino board with an OLED display? Just some of you? Well, that’s ok, ’cause I know other technophiles like myself want one! This is Microview’s new “chip-sized” Arduino, currently on Kickstarter, that costs $45. You may ask yourself  ‘what can it do,’ and the answer would be ‘ALL KINDS OF STUFF’! Basically, you’ll get a micro controller, a lot of inputs so you can drive the display via software, and you’ll be allowed to build awesome little projects using various sensors, motors, I/O devices, and much more.

Continue reading “Microview Shrinks Arduino Into A Tiny, Little OLED Module”

99% Invisi-LEGO Keys Rescue Ranges Rousey-Mania – WIRed #92


It’s time for Episode 92 of WIRed, where Montez McCrary discusses the 99% Invisible podcast, a working LEGO computer keyboard, a theoretical look at a remastered Rescue Rangers game, and UFC Champ Ronda Rousey possibly eyeing WrestleMania 31? Welcome to WIRed, bringing you the nerdy-geekery on architecture, technology, gaming, and pro wrestling. Continue reading “99% Invisi-LEGO Keys Rescue Ranges Rousey-Mania – WIRed #92”

LEGO Keyboard Works As Real Keyboard. FOR REALS!

Really? Yeah, I know; ANOTHER LEGO-related story on The PractitioNERD. But hey, I only post the LEGO-related stories that I consider nerdy and awesome, right? So, on that note, here we have a device that looks like a real keyboard, operates as a true-to-life working keyboard, and has a “Home” button in the shape of a little house (as shown above). Builder Jason Allemann’s keyboard is built entirely of the current and existing LEGO pieces, meaning that while most of the letter keys are essentially basic, many of the keys that serve as special functions are hilariously ad-libbed in their representation. Be sure to check out that “Caps Lock” button; it is AWESOME! Continue reading “LEGO Keyboard Works As Real Keyboard. FOR REALS!”

The Entire “MS Paint”-Version Opening Of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

That’s ok! You can have your Adobe PhotoShops and Illustrators, I’ll stick to my longtime favorite imaging program, Microsoft Paint. Granted, the affectionately nicknamed “MS Paint” may not be seen as the best photo/image editing tool to make detailed website banners, ornate greeting cars, an attention-getting magazine cover or even remake the opening credits to our favorite animes/obscure Dreamcast games — what I’m saying is the PhotoShop and Illustrator my be the way to go for those types of projects (or anything else), it didn’t stop someone from trying. Above is an amazingly awesome anime opening to JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (one of my favorite underrated Dreamcast fighters), which HAD to have taken hours upon hours upon HOURS to complete, and it’s not JUST a replica of the original opening sequence as the creators altered most of the scenes and added in some funny extras. So “OurFinalForm,” nerds and geeks everywhere salute you. Continue reading “The Entire “MS Paint”-Version Opening Of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure”

This Tub Has a Built-in Sink, Speakers, & Digital Controls. Awesome, Lazy, or Dangerous?

Let’s just get this out there: having your bathtub not be at the exact same location as your bathroom sink is a configuration for SUCKERS! Nah, not really, but the curvy Symbiosis bathtub from Desnahemisfera aims to possibly reduce the number of bathroom fixtures you need to scrub and rinse when it’s time to clean up. Clean up. Everybody, everywhere….. Anyway, I personally hope that the sink doesn’t directly drain into the tub just to conserve water usage—because you shouldn’t bathe yourself in toothpaste and mouthwash-backwash; it’s disgusting. *NOTE: It DOESN’T do that. Continue reading “This Tub Has a Built-in Sink, Speakers, & Digital Controls. Awesome, Lazy, or Dangerous?”

+Node, DIY Batteries, Mind-Controlled PONG & The Sportatorium – WIRed #54


This week’s slightly-ranty episode of WIRed discusses a Japanese home dividing nature and suburbs, how to make custom AC-powered batteries for battery-only devices, mind-controlled PONG leading to usage for the World Cup (WHAT?), and memories of the Dallas Sportatorium. Continue reading “+Node, DIY Batteries, Mind-Controlled PONG & The Sportatorium – WIRed #54”