Classic Game ‘Another World’ Has Been RE-Released on Consoles!

Another WorldAnother World is a classically freaky platformer that's coming to PS4 photoThe artsy-looking and surreal platformer Another World (or as I remember it “Out of This World” on the SNES) will FINALLY make its way to new/current/last-generation consoles (after hitting the PC on Steam and Good Old Games) as the ’20th Anniversary Edition’ on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita (with cross-buy feature, cross-platform trophies, and cross-save), Nintendo 3DS & WiiU, and the Xbox One, and I couldn’t be more excited! **SQUEEEEEEEEEE** . This classic game is 20 years old – WOW – and even though it’s been released on several different game consoles, but it’s still exciting to see it on the current systems that have the technical goods to make Another World look every bit as beautifully bizarre as it should. Continue reading “Classic Game ‘Another World’ Has Been RE-Released on Consoles!”

‘DiveKick’, A Game with TWO Buttons: Dive & Kick…

With many complaints about video games becoming much too difficult to play, especially fighting games.  The typical complaints comes from the number of input buttons to execute combos and special moves, plus the increased complexity of many of the popular fighting games. I’m proud to make note of the impending release of a much simpler fighting game like ‘DiveKick‘, which has only TWO input commands: one button to dive, and another button to kick. Continue reading “‘DiveKick’, A Game with TWO Buttons: Dive & Kick…”