Soon, the USB Will Replace EVERY Power Connector You Own; YAY Synergy!

It has been recently announced that newer USB cables that used the USB 2.0 and 3.0 technology should be able to supply a whole 100 watts of power, which is enough to power a computer.  You read correctly: you could be able to charge a laptop via USB! It was decided that new USB cables in production will be able to carry enough to power the brightest light bulb possible.  It makes you think about how much we can take the USB technology for granted, as we use USB ports in our myriad of devices to charge a variety of gadgets almost as much as our wall outlets.  Pretty soon, it will be possible that this could be a universal laptop charging solution; or a universal charging solution in general. WANT! Continue reading “Soon, the USB Will Replace EVERY Power Connector You Own; YAY Synergy!”

YES to Home-Theater PC, NO to Cable/Satellite…

In the past 4 years, I have become disillusioned of cable/satellite television subscriptions (though we have DirecTV at the house), and I have discovered five things about my television habits:

1) I have scaled-back the amount of television I watch,
2) I spend more time playing video games and watching DVDs/Blu-rays than television,
3) Most of what I watch is available online anyway (via Hulu, Netflix, Revision3, Clicker, Crackle, Vudu, YouTube, network websites, etc.),
4) I can watch same-day-released movies for a single one-time rental (or purchase) fee on Vudu and Amazon VOD, or some older movies for free on Hulu,, and other legal sites (rather than paying the additional monthly subscriptions for premium movie channels from Cable/Satellite companies.
5) I no longer mind waiting from a few or many hours for a program to show up online, I just want to be able to watch the episode on-demand (WENT I WANT TO).