Studio LOKAL’s Hanging Gardens Tower Wins Copenhagen Residential Competition


Denmark-based Studio LOKAL has won the competition for the design of a residential tower in Copenhagen, with The Hanging Gardens, its proposal for a merger of the historic brick buildings of Carlsberg (which is also the site of a former vegetable market) with the concept of a personal garden for each resident. The project — with construction set to start in April of 2017 — also has the concept of encouraging residents to grow their own produce in one of the tower’s gardens, a method of returning to homegrown roots. Continue reading “Studio LOKAL’s Hanging Gardens Tower Wins Copenhagen Residential Competition”

Bjarke Ingels on “Hedonistic Sustainability” at TEDxEast

Bjarke Ingels’ architecture is known for being luxurious, sustainable and community-focused. In this TED lecture, he showcases his playful designs and unlikely architectural solutions, ranging from a factory chimney that blows smoke rings, to a ski slope built atop a waste processing plant (which was from a design competition he recently won).  It is often described that “theory meets pragmatism meets optimism” in Ingels’ architecture, as his think-big philosophy comes from his hands-on, deeply-thought-out, grassroots (from the bottom-up) understanding of the needs of a building’s occupants and local environment.   Continue reading “Bjarke Ingels on “Hedonistic Sustainability” at TEDxEast”