Undertaker’s Loss at WrestleMania XXX – Rant N’ Resolve # 9


This month on The PractitioNERD’s “Rant N’ Resolve”, host Montez McCrary rants on his disappointment with Brock Lesnar ending the WrestleMania streak of The Undertaker at WrestleMania XXX last week. However, his reasons for being disappointed are probably NOT what you expect them to be… Continue reading “Undertaker’s Loss at WrestleMania XXX – Rant N’ Resolve # 9”

The Great “Oreo” Lie – Rant ‘N Resolve #8


Digging into his own personal experience, in this month’s edition of “Rant ‘N Resolve,” host Montez McCrary recounts his feelings on the term “Oreo” used negatively toward black people (meaning “black on the outside, white on the inside), why the term is downright dumb, and why it should fade away, never to return again. Continue reading “The Great “Oreo” Lie – Rant ‘N Resolve #8″

PBS Game/Show asks ‘Are Angry Fanboys Bad for Games?’

Short answer: YES! DEAR GOD, YES!!! But that’s just me…

PBS’ Game/Show is an online program on YouTube produced by PBS Digital Studios, where the show looks at the relationship between videogames and modern life, and talks about all the things that gamers typically think about.  In this episode, host Jamin Warren ponders on whether or not our feelings of anger and disapproval toward video games we don’t like (for either genuine or less-than-so reasons; likely the latter because the internet is a thing) are hurting the industry.

Continue reading “PBS Game/Show asks ‘Are Angry Fanboys Bad for Games?’”

Famous vs. Infamous- Rant N’ Resolve #4


Are people confusing being popular for being famous, or are people confusing being infamous as being famous.  Well, this month on Rant N’ Resolve, I tackle the problem of people being terrible to themselves and others, but thinking that they are famous, when actually they are becoming infamous (and that’s not a good thing; that’s a bad thing).

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Columbus Day – Rant N’ Resolve #3


This month’s episode of Rant N’ Resolve is an all-out assault on Christopher Columbus, Columbus Day, and other-related things that coincide with this farce of a commemorative day. Don’t worry; I offer some resolutions to the distaste many of us have of it as well… Continue reading “Columbus Day – Rant N’ Resolve #3”

Jaywalking – Rant N’ Resolve #2


You know ’em, they annoy you, you can’t stand ’em, and what annoys us the most is how EASILY it can be avoided. This month’s episode of “Rant N’ Resolve” is dedicated to those on foot who make life dangerous to drivers and themselves…JAYWALKERS! Continue reading “Jaywalking – Rant N’ Resolve #2”

Bad Driving – Rant N’ Resolve #1


Acts of Bad Driving. You’ve seen them; they tick you off; you might even be responsible for some of it. But what’s the point of ranting about it, if you don’t offer ANY solutions about it. — “Rant N’ Resolve,” a NEW monthly web series, will take the things that bug you the most, and what to do to make those things better on the THIRD TUESDAY of EVERY MONTH! Continue reading “Bad Driving – Rant N’ Resolve #1”