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Calvin & Hobbes Cosplay from Salt lake City Comic Con…

Thanks Redditor u/ArcherWolf09 & r/calvinandhobbes

Say Hello to Jodie Whittaker, Doctor Who’s Next (13th) Doctor!

Fantastic news! Announced earlier this morning from the BBC after today’s Men’s Final at Wimbledon, actress Jodie Whittaker will be the first woman in Doctor Who’s 54-year history to be cast for the show’s title role. Whittaker is best known for her recent role as Beth Latimer in crime drama Broadchurch and from Attack the Block (alongside John Boyega).  More details could come in as soon as San Deigo Comic-Con begins, so stay tuned and ALLONS-Y!!

Fan Film “Street Fighter: Legacy” to become Live-Action Series

I cannot get enough of fan films and fan shows based on video games! It feels as if, unlike Hollywood (for the most part), the gaming fans are the ones who really understand the game, its stories, and characters.  It is because of that, they are often very successful in translating an interactive entertainment medium into a passive, yet entertaining, presentation.  The creator of the incredibly popular Street Fighter fan film “Street Fighter: Legacy” announced last week at San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) that he has partnered with Capcom — the creators of the popular fighting game series — to create a live-action series to follow-up on his original short film.   Continue reading Fan Film “Street Fighter: Legacy” to become Live-Action Series