ArchDaily’s 5 Ways Architecture Students can Prepare for Architecture School During Summer

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It’s that time again where there will be a brand new crop of incoming freshmen who are anticipating a new chapter in their lives as they prepare for architecture school in the fall. I can tell you from experience that entering the environment of a architecture studio classroom for the very first time is both exciting and scary, as new challenges lie ahead, however some self-doubt and nervousness can rear its ugly head. While it’s true that most architectural skill are better developed while under the tutelage of experienced professors and professionals, there are some easier tasks that incoming architecture students can take part in to make the transition into their first day in a studio environment much simpler. Fortunately, ArchDaily has you covered with five (5) ways incoming architecture students can get themselves mentally prepared for the fall. Continue reading “ArchDaily’s 5 Ways Architecture Students can Prepare for Architecture School During Summer”

Candida Tabet Arquitetura’s House ACP

© Fran Parente

The House ACP, designed by Candida Tabet Arquitectura and completed last year (2016), is located on a semi-circle-shaped plot of land in Indaiatuba, Brazil that is a single story tall and features a mezzanine — acting as a featured social area — and an annex playroom house for the two children of the couple who this house was designed and built for. The building’s orientation helps maximize the views of the beautiful surrounding environment, as well as showcase the ciruclation of the interior spaces, while the double-height of the mezzanine’s great cieling promotes cross-ventilation (allowing the hot air to do what it does best; RISE).

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US Architecture Schools Express Interest in Conferring Licensure to Graduates 

After 4 years of undergraduate education and internships/experience, and 2 MORE years of graduate school studies, it had already been clear that becoming a licensed architect is no easy feat ANY recently graduated architecture student. After graduation, one must complete the required internship hours and passing the seven (yes, SEVEN) exams — which is already quite the daunting task — which often takes years of work after college to surpass. It’s even more daunting when you graduate into a NON-HIRING architecture market and made the choice to stop chasing it and switch career paths (as myself and MANY of my colleagues have done).  Now, it seems the process from collegiate education to licensure is getting streamlined, and it’s LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG overdue. Continue reading “US Architecture Schools Express Interest in Conferring Licensure to Graduates “

Kyle Field Redevelopment Reflects Passion of Texas (Aggie) Football

Texas A&M University received approval from the A&M System Board of Regents on May 1st to proceed with one of the largest college football stadium redevelopments in history for the historic — as in “since 1927” historic — Kyle Field in College Station, Texas. The total cost of the project totals to approximately $450 million, increasing the capacity from 82,589 to 102,500, and making it the largest stadium in the Southeastern Conference (SEC) and the state of Texas –insert “everything’s bigger in Texas” joke here.  The reWHOOPification (or as professionals call “renovation” and “expansion”; whatever, man) of Kyle Field will begin immediately following the end of the upcoming 2013 college football season and is expected to be finished in time to open the 2015 season. The Fightin’ Texas Aggie Football Team will show how much they don’t fear construction, concrete and cranes by continuing to play their home games during the reWHOOPification of the iconic stadium.
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MIT’s “The Black Architect’s Journey” Conference on Architecture, Race and Academe

Architecture and planning dean Adele Santos, left: Ted Landsmark, director of Boston Architectural College, center, and Ho Yung Chang, architecture department head, welcomed participants to ‘Architecture Race Academe: The Black Architect’s Journey.’
[Photo / Donna Coveney]
Back at MIT in March of 2007, almost 80 people gathered for a 1-1/2 day conference hosted by the MIT College of Architecture to discuss why only 1% of AIA members are black and why there are fewer than five black professors full-time at major architecture schools in the country.  Just to show how dedicated, tough, and COMPLETELY BOSS these guests and panelists were, they didn’t allow a late-winter blizzard (that shut down most of the airports in Boston) stop them.   Continue reading “MIT’s “The Black Architect’s Journey” Conference on Architecture, Race and Academe”

Schoolhouse Stays Dry In Rain As Gaming Marching Band Wrestles on Scaffolds – WIRed #16

This week, The Classic Schoolhouse Design Goes All “Deconstructivist-style”, How To Go Out In The Rain & Not Get Wet, The Ohio State Marching Band Goes The Way of the Gamer, and Look! Up Above The Ring! Wrestlers On A Scaffold! Plus, San Antonio MONSTER-CON is tomorrow and I may be going as The Doctor for Halloween.   Continue reading “Schoolhouse Stays Dry In Rain As Gaming Marching Band Wrestles on Scaffolds – WIRed #16”

Ohio State Marching Band Pays Tribute To Games, Beats Michigan’s High Score Record

While I’m not a huge fan of Ohio State University (or the Big Ten Conference as a whole; nothing personal, I just do not care for them), this halftime performance dedicated to video games from their marching band is one of the best I’ve ever seen (after any performance from the World Famous Fighting Texas Aggie Band; #nobias).

Above is a still image from the halftime performance of The Ohio State University Marching Band from this past Saturday, October 6th, 2012 as the Buckeyes took on the Nebraska Cornhuskers. As previously mentioned, the theme was popular video games, and the performance included musical selections from The Legend of Zelda, Halo, Pokemon, Tetris, and much more.  Also, which is probably the BEST PART from the entire performance, make sure not to miss the running horse at the 6 minute mark.  Check out the entire Ohio State University Marching Band halftime show after the break.

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