I Remember The Sony Reader PRS-500. Do You?


Back in the way, way, WAY back world of 2006 — which was only 8 years ago, but that’s a LONG time in terms of technology — Sony was about to make a strong attempt into the electronic reader market with its Sony Reader PRS-500.  The PRS-500 was a slim, lightweight 6-inch tablet-like device with an E ink display, boasted a battery-life of the equivalent of 7,500 page-turns, an optional memory card port for SD cards or Memory Stick Pro — by Sony; or course — and came with a dock and USB connector that allowed for transferring purchased from PC to device. With the PRS-500, customers had the chance to purchase and download any e-book of the then-10,000 titles available at launch from the Sony online store. Plus, if you wanted to, you could read your PDF and Word files, look at most image files, and play some MP3 and AAC audio files. Continue reading “I Remember The Sony Reader PRS-500. Do You?”

Stackable APTs, Dish/BETA, RIP THQ & Royal Rumblin’ – WIRed #32


This week on WIRed, NYC’s modular/stackable apartment complex reminds me of UNO Stacko, Dish should thank BETAMAX for their support against the networks, whistling TAPS and pouring out a 40 for my homies at THQ, and facts/figures/random information about the Royal Rumble.   Continue reading “Stackable APTs, Dish/BETA, RIP THQ & Royal Rumblin’ – WIRed #32”

Oscar Niemeyer’s Worst Tech Reproduces Games of Wrestling Shadows – WIRed #26


What do the Mayans, Doctor Who, Demi Lovato, Machetes, and Winking have in common? You don’t know; neither do I.

This week’s apocalyptic (ugh…) episode of WIRed discusses the late-great architect Oscar Neimeyer, CNET’s Worst Tech Products of 2012, a new game for…the VIRTUAL BOY?!?, and boiling point of the Hart/McMahon grudge in documentary form.

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CNET’s Worst Tech Products of 2012. ONWARD!

Alright ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time of year again! We are now gathered in front of your computers, phones, tablets, etc., to celebrated the absolute best tech products of the ye….what….wait, we’re not taking about the best gadgets of the year? Really, we’re going to list and talk about the crap? Well, OK then. It appears that CNET is ready to countdown their 5  lowest-rated gadget reviews from this year.  Too bad, many of these products kind of sounded like really good ideas on paper.  Check out the video after the break, and HERE…WE…GO!!!

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Smashed Models Xeroxing Ghouls N Ghosts’ 12-Man Tag Team – WIRed #20


WOO-HOO! TWENTY EPISODES!! This week on WIRed, forget smashing pumpkins – it’s all about SMASHING MODELS, the past, present, and future innovations at Xerox, belated Halloween-themed gaming tunes, and 12-man tag team match MAYHEM! All that and what I’m reading, playing, watching, and listening to this week on WIRed! NUMBERRRRRRRRR!!! TWENTYYYYYYY!!!!   Continue reading “Smashed Models Xeroxing Ghouls N Ghosts’ 12-Man Tag Team – WIRed #20”

So Xerox, What’s Next From You PC-Inventing People?

It was back in the day (particularly 1970) and under company president Charles Peter McColough, Xerox opened the Xerox PARC (Xerox Palo Alto Research Center) research facility, where hardware and software designers invented several of the most important elements of personal computing still in use today. Features such as the graphic user interface (GUI), the computer mouse and desktop computing are common and appreciated today, but the board of directors were very dismissive of them and ordered the Xerox engineers to share them with Apple technicians. Later, those features were taken on by Apple and, later, Microsoft — Pirates of Silicon Valley anyone? — and mainly thanks to those innovations, these two companies would then go on to duopolize (or however you would use “monopolize” in the plural-sense) the world of personal computing.  Anyway, the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center is well known for its ability to be developing the “what’s next” in the technological world before most other competing companies can barely visualize it, and according to this video feature below from the guys at CNET, their current Xerox CTO Sophie Vandebroek needs to keep that spirit of innovation and creativity going.   Continue reading “So Xerox, What’s Next From You PC-Inventing People?”