AIA 2013 National Convention: Top Stories, Day 3/3

****DAY ONE****
****DAY THREE****

Annually around this time of year, the American Institute of Architects convenes for its National Convention and Design Exposition.  This year, the convention takes place in Denver, CO., where the theme this year is “Building Leaders”.  Now that the 2013 AIA National Convention is complete, I wish to provide a couple of briefs about the stories made today at the show.  Here are my TWO (yes, two; the show ends quicker today than the prior two days, so less things happened) favorite stories from third and FINAL day of the 2013 AIA National Convention.  But believe me, these TWO stories are awesome and worth it. Continue reading “AIA 2013 National Convention: Top Stories, Day 3/3”

NYC’s “Chinatown Fair” Arcade Has Some Quarters Left…

I know it looks like it's closing, but they're probably not!

Filmmaker Kurt Vincent was shooting some videos around the location of the now-defunct Chinatown Fair arcade this past week for his movie about the downfall of said mainstay video arcade in New York City (called “Arcade: The Last Night of Chinatown Fair”), when he stumbled-upon something interesting…

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The (impending) Death of Hudson

“LONG LIVE THE BEE” Hudson Soft (or just “Hudson”), the gaming company popular for the Bomberman, Bonk, and –my personal favorite of the three- Adventure Island series, will be officially absorbed by new parent company, fellow gaming business Konami, on March 1st, 2012. After Hudson’s North American division offices closed down on March 31st of last year (with their final tweet saying “Dear Hudson fans. … Continue reading The (impending) Death of Hudson

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