A Mechanical Watch That Sets Its Time & Date via GPS

If you can declare a single flaw with mechanical watches, it’d be that they can very often be inaccurate. Due to the number of gears and springs, they will always be incorrect on the exact time every now and then, despite how carefully put together. While quartz offer a solution to accuracy, they can be a bit uninteresting, so how about combining the best of both worlds. You know, like how VCXO did with their new Ox One watch, which features a mechanical movement that automatically syncs with GPS satellites with the press of a button — or “Magic Button” as they call it — on the side of the watch.

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Developer Hacks Microwave with Raspberry Pi to Create AWESOMENESS!

You know, microwaves have been relatively unchanged since their original inception.  I mean, sure knobs changed to buttons, an LCD display was added, and the inclusion for preset heating durations made microwave use more convenient, but since we live in a world of computers, tablets, smartphones (where even REFRIGERATORS have built-in screens/tablets), the microwave gets ignored like the toaster; and it’s 2013! Until now. Developer Nathan Broadbent hacked his microwave to include voice commands, the ability to scan barcodes for pre-set cooking times and a self-setting clock! All thanks to his regular microwave and the Raspberry Pi microcomputer. Continue reading “Developer Hacks Microwave with Raspberry Pi to Create AWESOMENESS!”

London’s Big Ben is Leaning (But the Tower of Pisa DID IT FIRST!!)

Hmmm, something doesn’t quite look right……….

Okay boys and girls, I got a short little history lesson for you:

The Leaning Tower of Pisa tilts due to a fundamental error made by its builders.  During the construction process, the tower’s foundation that was created wasn’t that much wider than the diameter of the tower itself.  The 12th century local engineers focused an excessive amount of weight in a fairly small area of soft soil, and in the past 700 years, that same soil has since settled unevenly under the tower’s weight, resulting in its current leaning state. Continue reading “London’s Big Ben is Leaning (But the Tower of Pisa DID IT FIRST!!)”