Relive Childhood Memories with these Architectural Playhouses

Ok, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the Farnsworth House by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. It was the first work or architecture that I truly fell in love with when I started studying architecture in my sophomore year of high school — waaaaay back in 2000; man what a year. Well, if only when I was 5 years old — waaaaay back in 1990; what what a year THAT was — when I decided to seriously thought about studying architecture…said NOT ME at the age of 5! Anyway, this is NOT the Farnsworth House; it is “Illinois House” model from SmartPlayhouses, and these things are prime in giving younger children an appreciation of architecture early on.   Continue reading “Relive Childhood Memories with these Architectural Playhouses”

“Katamari Damacy” Rolls into New York’s Museum of Modern Art

From July 29th to November 5th, the New York Museum of Modern Art will be showcasing a new exhibit called “The Century of Child: Growing by Design, 1900-2000,” and Namco Bandai’s 2004 video game Katamari Damacy will be one of the subjects shown in this show.  The exhibit explores a world in which children, and childhood ideas influence modern art and design, as well as emphasizing playfulness and curiosity.  The show is inspired by writer Ellen Key’s influential book, The Century of Child.   Continue reading ““Katamari Damacy” Rolls into New York’s Museum of Modern Art”