It’s time for Episode 90 of WIRed (dear God, only 10 more episodes until WIRed #100), where newly-minted 29-year-old Montez McCrary discusses buildings that used to be Pizza Huts, how to resize ANY YouTube video, why the censored screens in South Park: The Stick of Truth are hilarious, and my WrestleMania weekend back in 2006! Welcome to WIRed, bringing you the nerdy-geekery on architecture, technology, gaming, and pro wrestling. Continue reading “I’M TWENTY-NINE TODA…er…uh…YESTERDAY!!! – WIRed #90”

The Obligatory Birthday/Pro Wrestling Post…

Hello ME in 2006...How You Doin'?
Hello ME in 2006…How You Doin’?

Well, since today is my 29th birthday…(CUE HORNS)…I wanted to share some of my favorite professional wrestling-related experiences.  For today, I’m going to select the time period of March 2006 (EIGHT YEARS AGO) when I was working at VOA Associates in Chicago, IL, and was the time period that I turned 21.  Aside for the “usual celebratory things” a new 21-year-old does (wink-wink, nudge-nudge, stumble….), I attended a slew of pro wrestling events during that time, ranging from meet and greets with Candice Michelle, Shawn Michaels, Lance Storm and Roderick Strong, to attending two Ring of Honor shows and the Monday Night RAW following WrestleMania XXII. Continue reading “The Obligatory Birthday/Pro Wrestling Post…”

AIA 2013 National Convention: Top Stories, Day 3/3

****DAY ONE****
****DAY THREE****

Annually around this time of year, the American Institute of Architects convenes for its National Convention and Design Exposition.  This year, the convention takes place in Denver, CO., where the theme this year is “Building Leaders”.  Now that the 2013 AIA National Convention is complete, I wish to provide a couple of briefs about the stories made today at the show.  Here are my TWO (yes, two; the show ends quicker today than the prior two days, so less things happened) favorite stories from third and FINAL day of the 2013 AIA National Convention.  But believe me, these TWO stories are awesome and worth it. Continue reading “AIA 2013 National Convention: Top Stories, Day 3/3”

Chicago’s Best Rain Towers GTA’s Starks Lost Title – WIRed #52


So, for SOME reason, the video is NOT showing up on the page, so until then, CLICK HERE for WIRed #52 on Blip.tv!! NERD OUT!!

This week’s LEGO-tastic 52nd episode of WIRed discusses five of Chicago’s greatest buildings, a Dust Bowl-era on-demand rain tower, play as iron Man in GTA 4, and the short life of the WCW Cruiserweight Tag Titles. Also, I LOVE LEGO!!!!

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Chicago’s 5 Great Buildings + Animation = YAY!!

The best part of interning in Chicago back in 2006 was getting a chance to visit and experience the many great buildings in the city and surrounding areas. As far as the United States is concerned, Chicago is the capital of global architecture; c’mon, it’s the birthplace of the skyscraper for crying out loud! Just discussing and limiting a conversation to only five of Chicago’s great buildings is doing this city a huge disservice, because there are SO MANY! Above is a video is a nice and short animation by Al Boardman showcasing five of the Windy City’s great buildings, including (but not limited to): SOM’s The Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower), Bertrand Goldberg’s Marina City, and SOM’s John Hancock Center. Enjoy! Continue reading “Chicago’s 5 Great Buildings + Animation = YAY!!”

Prentice Demolished by Super Soakers Handled by MANOS & Football Wrasslers- WIRed #34


This week on WIRed, another iconic modernist building awaits demolition, the man behind the Super Soaker & his tech endeavors, the Manos: The hands of Fate game might pick up some “Steam” — wink-wink –, and you’ve had a great football career, what are you gonna do next? I’m gonna WRASSLE!

Also, The PractitioNERD WIRed is now available for your viewing pleasure on ALL Roku boxes and iDevices via iTunes!!   Continue reading “Prentice Demolished by Super Soakers Handled by MANOS & Football Wrasslers- WIRed #34”

Brutal Modernist-style Prentice Women’s Hospital in Chicago To Be Demolished

Well ladies and gentlemen, it seems as if it’s time to punch yet ANOTHER hole in the card for demolished modernist architecture buildings in the U.S. A few weeks ago, The PractitioNERD covered the demolition of Richard Neutra’s Cyclorama on the grounds of the Battle of Gettysburg by the National Park Service, and now the Prentice Women’s Hospital in Chicago, IL will be meeting a similar fate.  The hospital, erected in 1975, features truly innovative and awe-inspiring rounded concrete cantilevers that hover above a steel and glass base. Continue reading “Brutal Modernist-style Prentice Women’s Hospital in Chicago To Be Demolished”