“Celebrities & Gambling Addiction” from WebMastersJury

While many people get the competitive rush from playing card/board games, video games, sports and the like, many others add the aspect of gambling to the competition.  While it’s possible to responsibly gamble (moderation is key, as does gambling with items of little-to-zero monetary value), some people can easily get swept up in it.  The following infographic after the break titled “Celebrities & Gambling Addiction” contains a ton of sourced information about many celebrities and their different backgrounds with and the ups-and-downs of gambling addiction, from the small, to the moderate, to the potentially (and “actually”, in some cases) devastating. Continue reading ““Celebrities & Gambling Addiction” from WebMastersJury”

Prefab Project: A Zaha Hadid & Pharrell Williams Collabo?!?

When looking up the terms “Star-Kitect” and “Rock Star Architect,” it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll see a picture of Zaha Hadid.  News of her design for the vacation home for model Naomi Campbell (located just outside of Moscow) went viral almost instantly, and Glamor Magazine named her “Woman of the Year.”   Hadid’s latest project to catch wind on the internet is her collaboration with musician & author (and aspiring designer) Pharrell Williams, best known as half of the music production team The Neptunes (a favorite of mine) and one-third of the genre-bending music group N.E.R.D. (“Nobody Ever Really Dies”; another favorite of mine).   Continue reading “Prefab Project: A Zaha Hadid & Pharrell Williams Collabo?!?”