Watch “Sonic Mania Adventures.” Now. Like, RIGHT NOW!!!

As a noted life-long fan of Sonic the Hedgehog, I must say that the new animated web series Sonic Mania Adventures nails the tone of the game Sonic Mania.  While SEGA is keeping the train named Sonic Mania rolling with upcoming enhanced release of Sonic Mania Plus later this summer, they’re also releasing a five-part series of animated shorts, and episode one is currently out on YouTube. Continue reading “Watch “Sonic Mania Adventures.” Now. Like, RIGHT NOW!!!”

The Pink Panther Cartoons – Geek Me Five #31

In this episode of Geek Me Five, host Montez McCrary will be discussing five simple and interesting facts about The Pink Panther Cartoons.

1) The Pink Panther Film Collection []
2) The Pink Panther Classic Cartoon Collection on DVD []
3) Official Pink Panther YouTube Account [] Continue reading “The Pink Panther Cartoons – Geek Me Five #31”

“Cuphead” Is Constantly Punishing Me and I LOVE IT!

This past week saw the release of the long-awaited and highly-anticipated game Cuphead, a classic run-and-gun action game, developed and published by StudioMDHR Entertainment, focused on a “boss rush” style of battle system (i.e., not a lot of “levels with a boss at the end”; with few exceptions, like the “run-and-gun” test levels to hone your skills, you start almost every level by immediately fighting the boss).  What that concept may be interesting, the next eye-grabbing aspect of Cuphead is it’s visual style, being heavily inspired by 1930’s cartoons, with the visuals and audio being painstakingly created with the same techniques of the era, including traditional hand drawn cel animation, watercolor backgrounds, and original jazz recordings.  With Cuphead’s structure and audio/visual style being huge draws to the game, the third element that adds to this game’s charm is its difficulty, which is able to find that fine balance of being challenging without being frustrating. And yeah, Cuphead WILL INDEED test your hand/eye coordination, timing, and muscle-memory.

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Here’s Muscle Temple’s Interpretation of Pro Wrestlers as Cats; Because REASONS!!

mew day
“It’s a MEW Day; Yes It Is!!!”

Mostly because it involves cats. Plus, this IS the internet, and the internet just LOVES cats for some reason.  Anyway, the gang over at Muscle Temple released an interesting group of wrestling fanart, as artist Becky Dreistadt (of Capture Creatures, Star vs The Forces of Evil, Bee & Puppycat) combined two of the things the internet ove the most: pro wrestling and cats. I must admit, they are A-DOR-ABLE!!! Continue reading “Here’s Muscle Temple’s Interpretation of Pro Wrestlers as Cats; Because REASONS!!”

Leaning Colosseums, “Wall-E” Builds, Shocking Gaming & WWF Cartoonage – WIRed #7

This week’s episode of The PractitioNERD (the 2nd version) discusses a leaning architectural work that NOT a tower in Pisa (the Roman Colosseum), robots printing 3D structures out of soil and sand (the Stone Spray project), electroshock “therapy” via a Sega Genesis/Mega Drive (Furrtek’s “Gene-Zap” project), and Hulk Hogan cartoon from the eighties (Hulk Hogan’s Rock ‘N’ Wrestling). …also, THE QUESTION OF THE WEEK!! ARCHITECTURE … Continue reading Leaning Colosseums, “Wall-E” Builds, Shocking Gaming & WWF Cartoonage – WIRed #7

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Spongebob Squarepants IS REAL…well, it’s a Fungus

And it’s proven and discovered…BY SCIENCE!!!

The above picture is the fungus called Spongiforma squarepantsii.  Yeah, no fooling; that’s the actual scientific name.  This fungus was discovered in the rain-forests of Borneo last year by a group of researchers who, after noticing its behavior similar to a sponge, named it after the famous Nickelodeon cartoon character.  So, he doesn’t quite “live in a pineapple, under the sea,” but more-or-less “in the rain-forest, under a tree.”

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