Meanwhile in China, Ford & Alibaba Will Have a Vending Machine to Dispensing Cars

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As someone who’s recently experienced the (streamlined and painless) process of purchasing a new car via a vending machine — what up, Carvana? –, it looks like Ford will be getting into the car dispensing game too. Well, at least in China; pronounced “chyyyyyn-nahh”. In fact, the American automaker is partnering with Alibaba to build a vending machine for cars that you can try before you buy with the sales agent constantly selling (or badgering; you be the judge) you about the car. The Super Test-Drive Center in Guangzhou was actually announced at the end of 2017, and the vending machine — which has a capacity of 42 cars — will disperse out vehicles for prospective buyers. Well, potential buyers can test the cars after they’ve paid the required fees using Alibaba’s Tmall app and supplying a good-old selfie for identification purposes. Continue reading “Meanwhile in China, Ford & Alibaba Will Have a Vending Machine to Dispensing Cars”

Yeah, Sooo, Lexus made a Working Electric Car out of Cardboard…

Lexus' cardboard Origami Car

I’m sure that after reading that headline and checking out that picture that NOW that hoverboard from that Lexus commercial no longer appears to be ALL THAT impressive, huh? Lexus has unveiled the Origami Car, a fully functional electric IS sedan whose main body, interior and wheels are made out of cardboard. No joke; this is freaking REAL! Continue reading “Yeah, Sooo, Lexus made a Working Electric Car out of Cardboard…”

Tesla readying its ‘Gigafactory’ by tripling its land in Nevada


Tesla’s battery-focused “Gigafactory” hasn’t even completed construction yet, and they’re already expanding its plant’s territory. The company announced that it has nearly TRIPLED its Nevada land purchases and added 1,893 acres to the 1,000 acres it received just last year. Continue reading “Tesla readying its ‘Gigafactory’ by tripling its land in Nevada”

Brock Lesnar Destroys A Car Live AND in Street Fighter-Style…

Remember last week when #1 contender for the WWE World Championship Brock Lesnar beat up a car — that belonged to J&J Security — live on Monday Night Raw. Well, if you saw this AND you enjoy playing video games every now-and-then (sarcasm), then you know very well who else does that? That;s correct; Street Fighter characters. I would say “check out the answer after the break,” but I have a feeling you know where I’m going with this…
Continue reading “Brock Lesnar Destroys A Car Live AND in Street Fighter-Style…”

Ladies & Gentlemen, The Full-Sized LEGO Car!

Praise Jesus; THIS IS A THING!!! Raul Oaida built a full-sized car out of nearly 500,000 (that HALF-A-MILLION) LEGO pieces that actually FREAKING drives. The 256-cylinder engine is powered by compressed air and reached a top speed is 20 mph. Seriously, this is a stunning and clever achievement in technology, but my favorite things about this LEGO car is that 256-cylinder engine and that the car’s windshield is built out of two dozen tiny LEGO windshields. Continue reading “Ladies & Gentlemen, The Full-Sized LEGO Car!”