Meet the Kodak Printomatic, the Hybrid Instant Camera…

I remember the first camera I ever owned: a Kodak Pocket Instamatic variant, which did INDEED use traditional film, but it was the wide, “B-shaped” type of film cartridge (known as the 110-format) rather than the typical roll of film.  Since then I’ve upgraded to dedicated digital camera (including a Kodak EasyShare) before utilizing my smartphone like most people (I’m using my Google Pixel XL). Today, Kodak is now a name licensed by another company, C+A Global, and they are now introducing the Printomatic, their company’s take on the Polaroid Snap (introduced in 2015). Continue reading “Meet the Kodak Printomatic, the Hybrid Instant Camera…”

Street Photography…with the Game Boy Camera!

Game Boy Camera Makes For A Whole New Kind Of Street PhotographyOh, the Game Boy Camera, our early preview for taking digital — fairly poor in quality in modern comparisons — photographs with a device that could fit in you pocket (for the most part).  Recently, photographer David Friedman unearthed and released a set of awesome black-and-white photos of New York City that he had taken back in 2000. Now, these are NOT your typical stunning higher-resolution photos that you’ll see available on his professional website (or the website of any other professional photographers).  These photos were ALL captured with his Game Boy Camera. Continue reading “Street Photography…with the Game Boy Camera!”

A USB-Powered BB Sniper Rifle To Keep Screen Lurkers At Bay

If you’re tired of people creeping around and spying on your screen or a collective of folks staying by your workstation and distracting your with their chit-chat, then this USB-powered desktop sniper rifle is PERFECT for you. Best used for cubicle-style setups with walls on three sides, this tiny USB gun fires tiny plastic BBs to let your office neighbors know that you want to FINISH DOING YOUR JOB and to LEAVE YOU ALONE. Because nothing — NOTHING — is more business-serious than a USB powered desktop B.B. sniper rifle. Continue reading “A USB-Powered BB Sniper Rifle To Keep Screen Lurkers At Bay”

Hypercubus Camera Gun goes Beyond Hardcore – WIRed #48

The stories revealed in this week’s WIRed includes: the portable Hypecubus pre-paid apartment, the rifle-shaped world’s first movie camera, the low down on “Beyond: Two Souls,” and WWE celebrates the Hardcore Championship. Also, a personal reveal of my copy of the Xbox One and two shows that share something in common…

Subscribe to The PractitioNERD on, YouTube, Roku, and NOW on iTunes!   Continue reading “Hypercubus Camera Gun goes Beyond Hardcore – WIRed #48”

Future Cameras To Have NO LENS?!? Crazy Science Talk!!

I don’t know if you know this, but metamaterials are starting to become pretty useful for having some fun with the electromagnetic spectrum, and that ranges from the technology you can see in any science-fiction show, book and.or movie, or for use in the real world.  It seems that engineers at Duke University have come up with a metamaterial imaging sensor that doesn’t require a lens to generate a picture.  This means that this could lead to cheaper imaging technology in the near-to-distant future.   Continue reading “Future Cameras To Have NO LENS?!? Crazy Science Talk!!”

Schoolhouse Stays Dry In Rain As Gaming Marching Band Wrestles on Scaffolds – WIRed #16

This week, The Classic Schoolhouse Design Goes All “Deconstructivist-style”, How To Go Out In The Rain & Not Get Wet, The Ohio State Marching Band Goes The Way of the Gamer, and Look! Up Above The Ring! Wrestlers On A Scaffold! Plus, San Antonio MONSTER-CON is tomorrow and I may be going as The Doctor for Halloween.   Continue reading “Schoolhouse Stays Dry In Rain As Gaming Marching Band Wrestles on Scaffolds – WIRed #16”

Hack a Desk Lamp into a Webcam Mount

Have I mentioned about how much I love Instructables?  Have I also mentioned how much I love Lifehacker?  Well, let the lovefest continue.   In the near future, I wish to re-purpose a 3-year old Fujifilm digital camera of mine that I don’t use as much anymore (thank you Android smartphone; Samsung Epic 4G, if you’re curious) into a adjustable/mounted camera should I ever wish to film my … Continue reading Hack a Desk Lamp into a Webcam Mount

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