‘AdBlock Plus’ Will Now Sell Ads Due to Infinite Supply of Irony…

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Yup, the web browser extension that aimed to strip your browsing experience of intruding and overzealous ads and recently got involved in a back-and-forth with Facebook over said ads, AdBlock Plus is hoping to replace those annoying ads — deemed to be too big, ugly, or intrusive — with better, smaller, subtler (and hopefully LESS intrusive) ads. How, you might ask? Continue reading “‘AdBlock Plus’ Will Now Sell Ads Due to Infinite Supply of Irony…”

Behold, The MOST IRRITATING Game About Parenting…

This Game About Being A Parent Is The Most Irritating Game I've Played

We have games were you can be the classic hero\heroine, be a sports superstar, and even simulate life as a piece of bread that longs to be toast.  However, there aren’t any games that can give you the true-to-life experience of what it’s really like to be a parent; that’s where the free game Jostle Parent comes in. Jostle Parent is a browser-based game made by Pippin Barr, whose work has been chronicled on Rock Paper Shotgun and Unwinnable, in which you control a parent with a number of duties concerning your three small children who have minds of their own; you know, like MOST CHILDREN. Continue reading “Behold, The MOST IRRITATING Game About Parenting…”

Resize YouTube Videos To Your Liking w/…um…YouTube Resize

When I’m working around the house, cleaning things, drawing things, or creating content for — I don’t know, The PractitioNERD — I like to have a video playing int he background, and more often than not, it’s a playlist of YouTube videos.  While Google allows you to customized the size of any YouTube video you play — kind of, sort of –, you can get more precise control with sizing those vids using the YouTube Resize extension, which allows you to drag a video to any size you want — if you’re using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your default internet browser (sorry, Internet Explorer). Continue reading “Resize YouTube Videos To Your Liking w/…um…YouTube Resize”

Do You Like Kid Icarus? Do You Have A Browser? Play This!

Honestly, I’ve only played the original “Kid Icarus” on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) once.  ONCE!!!  I really enjoyed it.  However, other than the Game Boy version (which I never played), there have not been any new Kid Icarus games since Also, NO; (the “Kid Icarus” main character) Pit being a playable character in “Super Smash Bros. Brawl” on the Wii doesn’t count. Thankfully, Nintendo … Continue reading Do You Like Kid Icarus? Do You Have A Browser? Play This!

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