LEGO – Geek Me Five #8

In this episode of Geek Me Five, host Montez McCrary will be discussing the legendary member of the Toy Hall of Fame, LEGO, in FIVE, GEEKY, yet easy-to-follow, points. Continue reading “LEGO – Geek Me Five #8”

Six Building Materials & The Six Architects That Luv ‘Em!

It’s almost romantic. Almost. No, no it’s really not; but they are kind of a match made in design and science.  Musicians have their favorite instrument (and brand), video game enthusiasts have their favorite games, chefs have their favorite foods and spices to create their delicacies, and architects have their favorite material to utilized in the designs of their buildings. It seem’s appropriate to talk about the materials the these design professionals seem to love since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so….here we go! Continue reading “Six Building Materials & The Six Architects That Luv ‘Em!”

Kahn’s Bricks, Hepburn Returns, Mega USBuster & Jason Knight! – WIRed #37

This week on WIRed (aside from Power Rangers and Bobby Darin stuff), Louis Kahn talks to his building materials, Audrey Hepburn returns for a Dove chocolate commercial  a Mega Man USB Mega Buster Drive that’s…well…pretty MEGA indeed, and what ECW Original Jason Knight is up to now. Continue reading “Kahn’s Bricks, Hepburn Returns, Mega USBuster & Jason Knight! – WIRed #37”

Louis Kahn Talks Honoring Materials…also to Bricks

My interest with architect Louis Kahn began with the documentary on his life by his son Nathaniel  “My Architect” (available here), and the after writing about the movie a few months ago (check it out here), I finally purchased the film on DVD from a local Blockbuster (yes, they’re still around…although this location was closing).  Anyways,the video above shows Louis Kahn lecturing to a group of graduate students at the University of Pennsylvania in 1971 about the importance of having respect for your building materials. Don’t worry, just because Mr. Kahn is recounting a conversation he had with a brick, doesn’t mean he’s crazy. Maybe.   Continue reading “Louis Kahn Talks Honoring Materials…also to Bricks”

An Old Prison Paroled, Now a Civic Center. YAY!

Originally erected in Palencia, Spain at the turn of the 19th century, this brick building was intended to house criminals from petty crimes to serious offences. Now, over 100 years later, this building — thanks to EXIT Architects — has transformed in a hub of cultural education for the local residents.  What used to be the Palencia Provincial Prison is now rechristened the Palencia Civic Center, a neo-mudejar style building which offers services ranging from music lessons, meeting rooms, a public library, and much more.   Continue reading “An Old Prison Paroled, Now a Civic Center. YAY!”