The Marília Fit Restaurant Shows That It’s Hip To Be Square…

(C) Jomar Braganca

The Marília Fit, located in Belo Horizonte – Minas Gerais, Brazil, offers healthy meals — for breakfast, lunch & dinner — in its refreshingly, comfortable space, and the building’s design aims to contribute to that help people feel better. The restaurant building is comprised of different-sized rectangular wooden boxes of varied permeability that cover the walls, taking cues to the flavors and smells of a more traditional public market. The aim of David Guerra Arquitectura e Interior was to create a space that invited a high-class experience for not just eating, but also for a person’s well-being. Continue reading “The Marília Fit Restaurant Shows That It’s Hip To Be Square…”

Candida Tabet Arquitetura’s House ACP

© Fran Parente

The House ACP, designed by Candida Tabet Arquitectura and completed last year (2016), is located on a semi-circle-shaped plot of land in Indaiatuba, Brazil that is a single story tall and features a mezzanine — acting as a featured social area — and an annex playroom house for the two children of the couple who this house was designed and built for. The building’s orientation helps maximize the views of the beautiful surrounding environment, as well as showcase the ciruclation of the interior spaces, while the double-height of the mezzanine’s great cieling promotes cross-ventilation (allowing the hot air to do what it does best; RISE).

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BLOCO Arquitetos presents the Authoral Restaurant , i.e., Dining in a Steel Cage Match!

© Haruo Mikami

The upscale Asa Sul (South Wing) neighborhood district — the UNESCO-listed administrative region of Brasilia, Federal District, Brazil — was the first residential area built within Brasília’s original plan. The district is defined by two-story buildings connected to each other side-by-side along the commercial streets between the superblocks, or “superquadras,” as they face the street in one side and the residential superblocks on the other side. There was an unrealized plan by Lucio Costa to connect both sides through the buildings — since the most building owners literally shut away and blocked their buildings away from the residential zone — so BLOCO Arquitetos plans to turn that idea into a reality via the Authoral Restaurant. Continue reading “BLOCO Arquitetos presents the Authoral Restaurant , i.e., Dining in a Steel Cage Match!”

A House of Sliding Pergolas in Brazil

This is the Sliding Pergolas House by FGMF Arquitetos in Bauru, Brazil, and this 5,380 square foot structure’s most interesting feature is…well…you saw the animated GIF, so you KNOW what the house’s most interesting feature is!  The firm looked to their “Tic-Tac Residence” concept-house and the conventional features that value to the relationship between the built-object and the local site, per request of the husband-wife clients.  By dividing different sectors of the home in smaller volumes positioned in strategic places within the site, the house had become a patio home. Continue reading “A House of Sliding Pergolas in Brazil”

Mola Structural Kit; Go Learn Yourself About Structures

Image cortesy of Catarse

Let’s be honest: when it comes to buildings, architectural design alone won’t do; engineering IA A MUST. So, in order to successfully visually demonstrating the behavior of architectural structures, the Mola model will actually simulate real structures (or at least give you a better idea of how a building would work structurally).  The Mola allows users to assemble, visualize and experience the feel of the structures themselves. Brazilian architect Márcio Sequeira de Oliveira came up with the idea for this interactive model when he was overseeing a postgraduate course and was growing concerned with the abstract approach that was given to topics related to structure.

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360 Apartment Knocks PC’s On w/ Lazy Gaming Hoodslams – WIRed #72

WASS-UPP?!? This week on WIRed, we discuss a design/client friendly apartment building with NO SINGULAR entrance, how to turn on your computer with a simple knock on your table, how to make us lazy gamer even lazier, and ARE..YOU…READY…TO…HOODSLAM?!?! Continue reading “360 Apartment Knocks PC’s On w/ Lazy Gaming Hoodslams – WIRed #72”

This 360 Building Goes ALL…THE…WAY…AROUND…

Question: I want you to point out the front façade to this building based on the picture above. Can you see it? Nope? OF COURSE NOT, because this building projects to ALL sides showing NO distinction between main and secondary façades!!! HA!!! Anyway, the 360º Building by Isay Weinfeld, located in São Paulo — aka the largest city in –, Brazil (home to 10 million+ people live within 947+ square miles) was introduced as an alternative to the vertical multi-family housing buildings commonly found, which simply just stacks basic, compact and cramped apartment units on top of each other. Though this and lack of open air spaces for outdoor activities, and lack of time for leisure activities due to long commutes and multiple commitments are commonplace in the city, how were these issues handled.
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Mind-Controlled Pong To Hopefully Make World Cup Kickoff

Being able to control video games with your own brainwaves is a vogue research subject; Atari attempted something like it with the Mindlink peripheral back in the day (but it actually only read one’s muscle movements via infrared sensors and transferred them as movement in the game). Currently, a research team is applying this method for use in competitive gaming—namely the classic game, Pong—and their goal is to allow a paralyzed person to be able to make the ceremonial kickoff of the upcoming 2014 World Cup of soccer (or football) in Brazil. Continue reading “Mind-Controlled Pong To Hopefully Make World Cup Kickoff”

The Debut! – The PractitioNERD WIRed #1

Despite a faulty camera, a day of lost work, and computer issues, here is the debut episode of “The PractitioNERD Show.” After a brief introduction to myself and the blog, I’ll discuss : 1) Architecture ~Fundraiser to publish a book about London’s Art Deco architecture ( ~A beautiful Brazilian bungalow getaway house ( 2) Technology/Gadgets ~A CPU fan/heatsink combo ( ~A DIY HDTV Antenna ( … Continue reading The Debut! – The PractitioNERD WIRed #1

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