WWE to Release ‘The Best of Sting’ DVD Collection!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, the WWE is preparing to release the upcoming DVD collection based on “The Man They Call STING” — no, not THAT guy, THIS guy. The new title is titled “The Best of Sting,” and it will be released on DVD and Blu-ray next month. As of latest word this is a WCW-heavy match compilation with more than 30 bouts featured on the DVD version alone! Those span Sting’s career from 1986 through to 2001. The Blu-ray edition packs in all of those too and a whopping 19 extras on top – a mix of promos, segments and matches. Continue reading “WWE to Release ‘The Best of Sting’ DVD Collection!”

Chicago’s Best Rain Towers GTA’s Starks Lost Title – WIRed #52


So, for SOME reason, the video is NOT showing up on the page, so until then, CLICK HERE for WIRed #52 on Blip.tv!! NERD OUT!!

This week’s LEGO-tastic 52nd episode of WIRed discusses five of Chicago’s greatest buildings, a Dust Bowl-era on-demand rain tower, play as iron Man in GTA 4, and the short life of the WCW Cruiserweight Tag Titles. Also, I LOVE LEGO!!!!

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Best Buy ad spotlights Texas A&M Aggie & ZeroTouch Technology

Chances are you have seen this image from an ad the electronics megastore Best Buy is circulating nationwide.  You know, the one that opens with “I’m Jon Moeller from Texas A&M University, and I’me using my laptop to create a touchscreen out of thin air.” Now, I’m not focusing on this story solely because it features a student from my alma mater (GIG ‘EM AGGIES!!), but it is also all of the technology, including Moeller’s ZeroTouch, being demonstrated from all of the students in the ad.  Just a quick look gives you reminders of the tech seen in sci-fi movies; ZeroTouch would instantly remind anyone of Minority Report, or the windshield from Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, or whatever sci-fi film Tom Cruise will star in years down the road.

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Best Buy challenges GameStop, Slaps White Glove Across Face

Say what you will, but this is a “gangsta” move by this Best Buy store. It’s become pretty common knowledge that GameStop is the most popular retail store in the video game market, mostly because of its presence in the used games part of the market. With little to no competition in this field, GameStop has been scrutinized by game developers and consumers alike for … Continue reading Best Buy challenges GameStop, Slaps White Glove Across Face

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