‘The Interface Experience’ Showcases The History of Computing

Nowadays, ou tech devices are faster and slimmer than ever before, while the collection of bulky, outdated computers serve as an amusing — and often evocative — look into the past. That’s the goal of The Interface Experience, an exhibition at the Bard Graduate Center‘s Focus Gallery in New York, as the exhibit aims to ignite that nostalgia with a myriad of vintage machines. Kimon Keramidas, curator and director of the digital media lab, hopes when people interact with this aging technology that they can think critically about how those devices led to their current devices. What’s also interesting is that unlike the “off-limits” display strategy of most museums, the machines at the exhibit aren’t behind glass and are working, as well as overhauled with custom programs to initiate exchanges between the user, the software and the hardware itself. Continue reading “‘The Interface Experience’ Showcases The History of Computing”