Gaudí’s Sagrada Família to Become Tallest Church in Europe by 2026

This is the epitome of patience, as it has only taken 133 years since the laying of the foundation of Antoni Gaudí’s Sagrada Família for the project’s construction to finally enter its final phase. The project’s directing architect Jordi Faulí, who is overseeing the completion of six new towers that will raise the “Tower of Jesus Christ” to approximately 566-foot-tall, stated that it would become the tallest religious structure in Europe and Barcelona’s tallest building in a recent public statement. The final stage won’t only include the construction of the 566 foot Tower of Jesus Christ, but will include five other 443-foot towers honoring the Virgin Mary and the four apostles.

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This Spanish City Planted “Moving Gardens” On Its Buses

With the recent rise of environmental awareness, green projects like vertical gardens, urban farming, and guerrilla gardening are a few phenomena that have come up to counter the vastness of the typical concrete jungle of a metropolitan area.  Due to the green movement community vastly increasing, landscape artist Marc Grañén and Grupo IRACO decided to take the movement to another level by using vehicle roofs as flower beds and turn unused space into little green oases. Continue reading “This Spanish City Planted “Moving Gardens” On Its Buses”