Classic Venues: The Dallas Sportatorium

dalsportWhen one thinks about the glory days of professional wrestling in the great state of Texas, you think about the talent (i.e., the Von Erich family), the promotions (i.e., World Class Championship Wrestling) and when it comes to venues, you HAVE to talk about the Dallas Sportatorium.  The Sportatorium (built in 1934) was a 4,500-seat capacity barn-like arena primarily used for professional wrestling shows, and it stood at 1000 South Industrial Boulevard (near the I-30/I35 East interchange) in downtown Dallas, Texas. Continue reading “Classic Venues: The Dallas Sportatorium”

San Fran Arena with DIY Speakers Ends the Power, SERIOUSLY! – WIRed #24

…also, Pearl Harbor Day, “Man of Steel,” “Star Trek Into Darkness,” and ALL THE THINGS!!

This week on WIRed, a new community arena for the Golden State Warriors and San Fran, build you own speakers, the end and final issue of Nintendo Power, and celebrating the WWE’s most awkward lowlights.   Continue reading “San Fran Arena with DIY Speakers Ends the Power, SERIOUSLY! – WIRed #24”

New Arena for Golden State Warriors Services Community

See it? It's Right There. In the middle...
See it? It’s Right There. In the middle…

San Francisco’s NBA franchise, the Golden State Warriors, recently made the announcement that they’ve selected Snøhetta and AECOM as the architecture team to design the new sports and entertainment complex for the Warriors. While the terms of the agreement are currently in the final stages, the new stadium, to be located along the San Francisco waterfront, will act as a main destination in hosting home games for the Bay Area’s NBA team, provide a great venue for live concerts, local cultural events and conventions, as San Francisco has had difficulty accommodating for these types of prominent events. This caters well for a city characterized by its numerous culturally rich streetscapes featuring mixed-use neighborhoods anchored around central commercial corridors to which residents and visitors alike can walk.   Continue reading “New Arena for Golden State Warriors Services Community”

Look at this Recyclable/Nomadic Arena and KNEEL BEFORE IT!!

I suppose that after the natatorium used in China for the 2008 Summer Olympic Games, the whole “design-your-arena-to-look-inflatable” thing is taking off pretty well with Olympic facilities.  Also, I’m not sure if there are bags or bins large enough to stuff this baby into for recyclables pick-up day during the week. Hmmm…

Continue reading “Look at this Recyclable/Nomadic Arena and KNEEL BEFORE IT!!”