Ancient Bldgs., Aptivas, Artsy Game Heroes & Deep Breaths – WIRed #53


This week’s episode of WIRed (#53) discusses my favorite ancient structures still in use, the story of the IBM Aptiva PC line, artsy-fartsy video game character art, and the art of over-breathing in professional wrestling promos. Plus a Doctor Who anniversary and 100% MOAR WRESTLING PROMOS!!!!! Continue reading “Ancient Bldgs., Aptivas, Artsy Game Heroes & Deep Breaths – WIRed #53”

PC Blast from My Past: The IBM Aptiva

Back in 1995, our family got our very first Windows-based PC, the IBM Aptiva running Windows 95. I remember being in awe of this wondrous ivory tower of technological goodness, from the fast (LOL) dial-up modem, the CD-ROM drive where I could play games (like ‘Torin’s Passage‘) AND listen to music CDs, and that awesome mechanized door that covered the CD-ROM and 3.5″ disk drives (you remember, that little blue button you pressed and the cover would lower down; pure sweetness). Nowadays, IBM isn’t around as a consumer product anymore, due to their sale of that division to Lenovo in 2005, but I want to take a look back at the IBM Aptiva line and get a technical glimpse into that product line’s history.
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