Google De-Lists 300 Apps (used for DDos Attacks) from the Android Play Store…

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Should you discover on your Android device this morning that your favorite 3rd-party video player, ringtone app or storage manager has vanished, it’s okay; it was for your own good.  This morning, Google removed a whopping 300 apps from the Play Store that allow the hijacking of your phone as part of a botnet’s distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, while pretending to be legitimate programs. The botnet in question is called WireX, which was behind the DDoS attacks of many online content providers and delivery networks between August 2nd and 14th, while sometimes acting as ransomware (with the intention of demanding money from those inflicted).

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7 Ways To Free Up Hard Disk Space On Windows

Whether you’re using a solid state drive (SSD) or that classic hard disk drive (HDD), as the get larger and larger, they’re somehow always seeming to fill up. So if you’re hurting for extra space on your hard drive, these seven tricks should help you free up some space for the important files and programs, while trashing any unimportant junk that’s cluttering and hoarding up your hard disk space. Continue reading “7 Ways To Free Up Hard Disk Space On Windows”

Clickdrive, The Single On-Board Device To Rule Every Driving App

Clickdrive drives (see what I did there) to be the first open platform gadget to connect all driving apps and aftermarket monitors together as ONE. The deivce is a little black box that plugs into an adapter under your steering wheel, and it allows you run several apps at the same time from either your smartphone, on the device itself, or by using Clickdrive’s cloud platform. It’s currently compatible with almost every cars on the road today, so within minutes you’ll be set-up to download driving apps to help make your car smarter than it already is. Continue reading “Clickdrive, The Single On-Board Device To Rule Every Driving App”

PlayStation Vita to get Skype App Later Today!

I remember using Skype on my PSP-3000 a few times and being impressed with the feature.  As a matter of fact, Skype was one of the reasons I sold my old PSP-1000 model for a PSP-3000 one (that, video-out, and the “Rock Band: Unplugged” bundle; man, that game is fun!)  However, it was limited to voice-based calling, which was fine, but at the time any computer with a built-in or external webcam could utilize the video/voice call option.  I finally got a chance to use the video/voice call option on my Samsung Epic 4G, but ran into some trouble early on in a call with an old college friend of mine (apparently, software now-a-days need something called “updates;” I know, never heard of ’em).

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