How to Stop Apps That Automatically Post to Facebook For You

This is for my friends and family how hound me constantly about this annoyance in Facebook. After having the same problem myself over 5 years ago with Facebook — which I ended by no longer using my Facebook account to login to other sites & services; all hail LastPass, all praise to thee — some people enjoy that convenience. However, they they want to change how those apps are allowed to do with their account. On a separate settings page (because OF COURSE there’s one), you can block apps from posting to your wall while allowing them to stay connected to your Facebook profile. Continue reading “How to Stop Apps That Automatically Post to Facebook For You”

7 Ways To Free Up Hard Disk Space On Windows

Whether you’re using a solid state drive (SSD) or that classic hard disk drive (HDD), as the get larger and larger, they’re somehow always seeming to fill up. So if you’re hurting for extra space on your hard drive, these seven tricks should help you free up some space for the important files and programs, while trashing any unimportant junk that’s cluttering and hoarding up your hard disk space. Continue reading “7 Ways To Free Up Hard Disk Space On Windows”

PlayStation Vita to get Skype App Later Today!

I remember using Skype on my PSP-3000 a few times and being impressed with the feature.  As a matter of fact, Skype was one of the reasons I sold my old PSP-1000 model for a PSP-3000 one (that, video-out, and the “Rock Band: Unplugged” bundle; man, that game is fun!)  However, it was limited to voice-based calling, which was fine, but at the time any computer with a built-in or external webcam could utilize the video/voice call option.  I finally got a chance to use the video/voice call option on my Samsung Epic 4G, but ran into some trouble early on in a call with an old college friend of mine (apparently, software now-a-days need something called “updates;” I know, never heard of ’em).

Continue reading “PlayStation Vita to get Skype App Later Today!”