Google De-Lists 300 Apps (used for DDos Attacks) from the Android Play Store…

android oreo livestream

Should you discover on your Android device this morning that your favorite 3rd-party video player, ringtone app or storage manager has vanished, it’s okay; it was for your own good.  This morning, Google removed a whopping 300 apps from the Play Store that allow the hijacking of your phone as part of a botnet’s distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, while pretending to be legitimate programs. The botnet in question is called WireX, which was behind the DDoS attacks of many online content providers and delivery networks between August 2nd and 14th, while sometimes acting as ransomware (with the intention of demanding money from those inflicted).

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Evernote Smart Notebook. Wait, an EVERNOTE NOTEBOOK? WANT!

And to think; I just started using Evernote a couple of weeks ago.  The Evernote Smart Notebook is here, as it arrived this past Monday, October 1 — and this lovely app/notebook combination works by compiling your drawings, notes, and any other Moleskin-bound writing and sketches you pen with Evernote’s iOS App (said to be headed to Android as well). All you need to do is snap a picture of your best Frank Gehry house sketch and see the architectural masterpiece appear magically(though I’m sure SOME technology is involved) in your Evernote account on you computer and on your phone. If you’re addicted to archiving your entries (as I am), the notebook comes with a set of stickers allows for quick tagging, and said stickers can be customized to your own organizational methods.   Continue reading “Evernote Smart Notebook. Wait, an EVERNOTE NOTEBOOK? WANT!”